How to Dress Like Roman Torchwick

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Roman Torchwick Costume Guide
Black Felt Top Hat
Orange Short Hair Wig
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
White Jacket
Black Pants
Long Black Gloves
Gray Silk Fabric
Black Dress Shoes
Roman Torchwick Cane

Best Roman Torchwick Halloween Costume Guide

Roman Torchwick is a notorious criminal on the future-fantasy anime show RWBY from Rooster Teeth. He started out as a small character, but later became a major antagonist making attempt after attempt to kill Ruby Rose! His charm mixed with his desire to kill is a perfect combination for a villain. Roman can scheme like no other, but you wouldn’t guess is from his appealing and gentleman-like style. Get the look of the ruthless criminal with this Roman Torchwick costume guide.

Cosplay Roman Torchwick’s look with a Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Pants, and White Jacket. Add a pair of Long Black Gloves, Black Dress Shoes, Roman Torchwick Cane, some Gray Silk Fabric, and an Orange Short Hair Wig to match Roman’s swagger.

Roman Torchwick Cosplay Costumes

Since Roman Torchwick from the Rooster Teeth’s RWBY focuses mainly on his own appearance (like most villains do), his costume is just as important as his personality! He has a classic style, so start out by searching through your own collection for some similar pieces. In your closet, you are most likely to find a shirt, pants, and dress shoes. Check a local store for any items you don’t have like a white jacket and silk fabric. Most costume shops should have a similar orange wig and black gloves, but we suggest using the costume guide to find everything online to make sure you get Roman’s exact look!

This costume can easily be turned into a group cosplay by having a few of your friends dress as Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, or Glynda Goodwitch! Send in a picture of your classy RomanTorchwick costume to be featured in the cosplay gallery.

About Roman Torchwick

The popular Rooster Teeth anime show, RWBY, has had villains come and go, but Roman Torchwick is definitely one to remember. He came swooping in with his bright orange hair and gentlemanly ways. But, as bad as he is, it’s hard to dislike him. Roman can be accommodating and smooth with his words, but if he gets angry, he quickly turns into a ruthless person who will kill anyone that may get in his way.

Roman Torchwick schemes and makes plans to kill Ruby Rose. Ruby isn’t as easily killed, but Roman doesn’t give up so easily. He uses his cane-cannon as his weapon of choice, by using the hook at one end to bring people closer to him or using the other end to knock his enemies to their feet. One of his downfalls is underestimating those who are fighting against him as he doesn’t do too well with being surprised. Like most villains, Roman focuses on his evil skills to keep him alive as long as possible.

Roman Torchwick

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