How to Dress Like Roger Rabbit

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Red Overalls
White Fleece Sweatshirt
Polka Dots Bow Tie
Yellow Gloves
Rabbit Nose
Yellow Felt Circles
Bunny Headband and Tail
Bunny Slippers

Best Roger Rabbit Costume Guide

Roger Rabbit is an animated anthropomorphic rabbit that first appeared in the Gary K. Wolf novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? In the book, Roger is one-half of the comedy duo popularized by a comic strip called “Baby Herman.” The story is centered around the eventual murder of Roger after he hires a detective by the name of Eddie Valiant to investigate why his boss, the DeGreasy Brothers, have gone back on their promise to give him his own comic strip. This was later adapted into the hit live-action Disney movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Get the look of the silenced rabbit in this Roger Rabbit costume guide.

To get the look of this popular animated rabbit, you will first need a White Fleece Sweatshirt, Red Overalls, Yellow Gloves, Polka Dots Bow Tie, Bunny Slippers, a Bunny Headband and Tail, a Rabbit Nose, and Yellow Felt Circles.

Roger Rabbit Cosplay Costumes

In the live-action Disney film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Roger is a cartoon actor in Hollywood during the golden age of animation. A diverse group of cartoon characters lives in a part of Los Angeles called Toontown where, just like normal Hollywood actors, they act out animated shorts. Roger has a more active role in the movie since he isn’t murdered. Instead, he is framed for the murder of another toon.

Making a name for yourself in Hollywood is hard. You have to have a really distinct look. To get the iconic look of Roger Rabbit, it’s important to get the fluffy look of a bunny with a white fleece sweatshirt, bunny slippers, bunny headband and tail, and a rabbit nose. Put on a pair of bright red overalls with yellow felt circles as buttons. Accessorize with polka-dotted bow tie and yellow gloves. If you can get your friends to cosplay as your wife, Jessica Rabbit or Mickey Mouse for an even more loony adventure!

Roger Rabbit Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into the zany and animated world of Roger Rabbit from “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. This guide will help you recreate Roger Rabbit’s iconic and whimsical look, perfectly capturing his animated, larger-than-life character traits and endearing charm.

Roger Rabbit's costume is famously vibrant and cartoonish. It consists of a red overalls with large yellow buttons, a blue bow tie, and white gloves. His look is complemented by his large, floppy ears, and his bright red hair. The outfit captures the essence of his animated and comical nature.

For Roger Rabbit's ears, consider using a headband with attached long, white and pink ears that stand up tall and can flop over. For his hair, you can either use red hair dye or a wig with a cartoonish style, with tufts sticking out to match his wild and zany personality.

Roger Rabbit is typically seen barefoot in the animation. However, for a costume, you could opt for simple white or yellow shoes to stay in theme with the character's color palette. The shoes should be playful and cartoon-like to align with the overall look.

To enhance your Roger Rabbit costume, consider carrying a portable hole, a mallet, or other classic cartoon props. These whimsical accessories are in line with the character's slapstick humor and animated universe.

Bringing Roger Rabbit to life isn't just about the costume; it's also about embodying his personality. Some iconic quotes and actions include: Mimicking his unique, stuttering laugh., Quoting, "P-p-please, don't hurt me!," Recreating the scene where he struggles to resist the urge to shout "Two bits!" after someone knocks "Shave and a Haircut" on a door and Acting out his dramatic and comedic reactions, as Roger is known for his over-the-top expressions and movements. These quotes and actions reflect Roger Rabbit's comical, exaggerated, and loveable character, making them perfect for an engaging and authentic cosplay.

About Roger Rabbit

While he may not be the brightest rabbit around, Roger Rabbit is known to be a ball of energy who finds it easy to make friends. If there’s anything Roger loves, it’s to entertain and make others laugh. That’s why he’s good friends with the other Toons, especially his Maroon Cartoons costar Baby Herman. Along with Roger, he was the original comic strip comedy duo counterpart, as well as Benny The Cab. He was also part of the original story Who Censored Roger Rabbit? His love for making other people laugh may well be the reason his relationship with his wife, Jessica Rabbit, is so good. He’s just trying to make her laugh.

Despite his typical “entertainer” behavior, Roger is well aware of what most people think about cartoons. He believes that making people laugh is what fulfills Toons in Hollywood. It is quite often the only tools that Toons have. These are deep thoughts that he’s relayed to Eddie Valiant, the detective who’s helping him solve the murder he’s suspected of.

Roger Rabbit

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