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Leather Biker Jacket
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Men's White T-Shirt
Orange Hair Color Spray
Green Face & Body Paint
Men's Combat Boots

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We all remember that one guy who would go out of his way to humiliate people in high school. Well, Doug Funnie has the same problem with bad boy Roger Klotz! Roger lives with his mother and is much older than Doug since he repeated the sixth grade about three times. He never gives Doug a break, and almost always decides to embarrass him in front of his love, Patti Mayonnaise. Though Roger secretly has a crush on Doug’s older sister Judy Funnie. Get the look of the bully from the animated Nickelodeon show Doug with this Roger Klotz costume guide.

If you’re feeling like cosplaying the jerk on campus, then Roger Klotz is the costume for you! Grab some Green Face and Body Paint to get Roger’s gruesome skin tone. Then add some Orange Hairspray to achieve his oh-so-cool hairdo! He wears a simple white Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt, a Leather Biker Coat, a pair of Men’s 505 Jeans, and a pair of Men’s Combat Boots. Bring on the punches!

Roger Klotz Cosplay Costumes

Childhood characters are always fun to recreate, especially when you get to be the bad guy! Don’t take it easy with this look because you want to be the biggest and baddest bully from the Nickelodeon show, Doug! Grab a white t-shirt out of your closet and pair it with blue jeans. If you have a leather jacket, that will save you a trip to the thrift store. But, you’ll also need to find a pair of combat boots. We recommend running over to the costume shop for some green face paint and orange hairspray to really pull off the Roger Klotz’ style!

Since we wouldn’t have Roger without Doug Funnie, find your favorite friends to pick on by getting them to dress as Doug Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise, or Judy Funnie! Since you’re apparently the coolest guy around, send us a picture of your rebellious style! If we like it as much as you do, then we’ll add it to the Doug costume gallery as a featured look!

Roger Klotz Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of classic animation with our Roger Klotz costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the popular TV show “Doug.” This guide is designed to help you replicate the iconic look of Doug’s rival and occasional friend, Roger Klotz, known for his distinctive style and mischievous personality. Perfect for fans of the show, this costume captures the essence of one of its most memorable characters.

Roger Klotz's outfit is distinctive and easy to recognize. His signature look includes a black leather jacket, a plain white t-shirt, and dark green pants. Roger is also known for his wild, reddish-orange hair, which is one of his most distinguishing features. Completing the look with a pair of black boots or sneakers will give you the full Roger Klotz effect.

To mimic Roger's hairstyle, if you have similar hair, you can use hair gel or mousse to style it into a spiky, messy look. If your hair is a different color or style, consider using a wig that matches Roger's hair color and texture, styling it to achieve his unique, spiky appearance.

Look for a black leather jacket or a faux leather jacket that resembles Roger's. It should be simple, with no excessive zippers or details. Pair it with a plain white t-shirt to match Roger's look in the show. The t-shirt should be casual and comfortable, reflecting Roger's laid-back style.

To complete the Roger Klotz look, you might carry a slingshot in your back pocket as a prop, referencing his mischievous nature. Additionally, a skateboard can be a fun accessory that aligns with Roger's character. Remember to prioritize safety and ensure that any props are appropriate for the event and clearly fake.

Including quotes from Roger Klotz can bring your costume to life. Some memorable quotes are: "Hey, Funny, I'm running this show!," "What's the big idea, Funny?," "You're such a loser, Funny.," "I'm the king around here, Funny." and "Try and keep up, Funny." These quotes capture Roger's teasing, confident, and sometimes overbearing personality, making them great for engaging with others while in character.

About Roger Klotz

Roger is much older than Doug and the rest of the gang because he has repeated sixth grade about three times. He’s a bully to the rest of the kids because he isn’t happy with his own life. His mother is a monster truck driver but isn’t at home as often as Roger would like. He also has a cat named Stinky that follows him around.

Deep down we think that Roger is a good guy because he is always sweet with his family, but he thinks that being mean to the kids at school will make him the coolest guy around. Funny enough, Roger grows to have a crush on Doug’s older sister Judy. He should learn how to be nice to Doug if he plans on dating his older sister, but it wouldn’t be Doug without having the bully to make him a stronger person!

Roger Klotz

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