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Best Rocket Raccoon Costume Guide

Rocket Raccoon from the Marvel movie Guardian’s of the Galaxy is not a raccoon. Let’s get that straight. He’s an average guy that has been genetically modified so many times that he only resembles a raccoon (or at least that what he says). Regardless, this raccoon is one gun wielding, ninja fighting bad dude! Get the complete guide to cosplaying the funny character from the hit movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who knew that dressing up like a raccoon could be so awesome? To dress up like Rocket, first, you’ll need a Men’s Rocket Raccoon Mask. Next, suit up in an Adult Men’s Rocket Raccoon Costume with a pair of Rocket Raccoon Gloves. Finally, to complete the look, you’ll need a pair of Furry Boot Covers. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite pal, Groot. And, of course, your trusty Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy Blaster to shoot all the baddies!

Rocket Raccoon Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up like Rocket Raccoon is perhaps the best Marvel cosplay! Not just because you’re dressing up as a fuzzy little monster, but you’ll also have a dancing baby Groot to keep you company. Could there be anything else to make your cosplay more impressive?

Rocket Raccoon has loads of amazing friends (and enemies). So, why not gather your friends and create your very own Guardians of the Galaxy team? You friends can dress up as the incredibly sexy Gamora, the dangerous fighter Drax the Destroyer, or the full-sized Groot and of course, the infamous Starlord! You can even branch out with other Marvel superheroes like X-Men and the Avengers as well. The choices are limitless! Take a look at related costume guides and don’t forget to send us some awesome pics of your cosplay!

Rocket Raccoon Costume Tips & FAQs

Launch into the cosmic misadventures of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” with our costume guide FAQ for the sharp-witted and tactically savvy Rocket Raccoon. As a key member of the Guardians, Rocket’s unique blend of genius-level engineering skills, masterful combat tactics, and a heart of gold (beneath his sometimes gruff exterior) makes him a beloved character. This guide will help you recreate Rocket’s look, focusing on his mechanical prowess and raccoon-like features, to ensure your portrayal captures his essence perfectly.

To dress like Rocket Raccoon, you'll need a full-body raccoon costume or a brown and gray bodysuit with raccoon-like fur. Add a bushy tail and create Rocket's distinct facial features with a mask or makeup. For clothing, wear an orange jumpsuit or vest with various straps and buckles. Complete the look with fingerless gloves and black boots.

Rocket Raccoon has a distinct raccoon face with a black mask around his eyes, a black nose, and pointed ears. You can use makeup to create these features or opt for a raccoon mask. Alternatively, you can use prosthetics or latex appliances to enhance the effect.

If you're using a full-body raccoon costume or a bodysuit with fur, you won't need to worry about styling your hair. If you're using makeup to create Rocket's facial features, consider wearing a wig or hat with raccoon-like fur to complete the look.

Rocket Raccoon is known for his love of big guns and explosives. You can carry a large, futuristic-looking toy gun or create your own using foam, cardboard, or plastic. Paint your weapon with metallic and bright colors to match Rocket's weapons in the movies. Remember to follow any guidelines or rules about prop weapons at events where you plan to wear your costume.

Rocket's quick wit and sharp tongue provide many memorable lines that can be used to bring your cosplay to life: "Ain't no thing like me, except me!," "Oh, yeah. You're much more of a Thanos.," "I have a plan: attack!," "Well, now I'm standing. Happy? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle." and "I'm not a raccoon!." These quotes showcase Rocket's humor, confidence, and unique perspective, making them great choices to quote while in character.

About Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Racoon, from the Marvel movie Guardian’s of the Galaxy, is a genetically modified being, who along with his friend, a humanoid tree named Groot, roam around the galaxy performing various illegal missions in an attempt to make lots of money.

A permanent genetic modification and rewriting caused Rocket Racoon to adopt this name, seeing this made him highly volatile and frenzied as an individual. As a result, for a little person such as himself, Rocket Racoon can yield heavy machinery and guns. He is a perfect marksman and has the technical know-how to create different gadgets from various machine parts. Rocket Raccoon is also a proficient tactical strategist and can make effective plans for battles.

As part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy’ team, he is also capable of leading the team in times of Starlord’s disappearance or absence.

Rocket Raccoon

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