How to Dress Like Robin Hood

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Green Sleeveless Tunic with Hood
Cream 3 Button Long Sleeved Tunic
Wooden Bow and Arrows with Quiver
Renaissance Gothic Pants
Gotham Engineer Boot
Robin Hood Felt Hat

Best Robin Hood Costume Guide

Almost everyone knows the story of Robin Hood, the heroic outlaw in English folklore who would take from the rich to give to the poor. He is a highly skilled archer and swordsman from Sherwood Forest that enabled him to obtain riches in order to help out those less fortunate. His work is controversial to some but, he is a renowned classic that first became popular in the Late Middle Ages. Everyone is sure to recognize this classic costume this year for Halloween. Join up with Lady Marian with this Robin Hood costume guide.

A few key items you’ll need in order to look like Robin Hood. Dress up in a green sleeveless tunic with a hood, a Robin Hood felt hat, Renaissance gothic pants, engineer boots similar to Robin Hood’s boots, a cream long sleeve tunic with 3 buttons, and a wooden bow and arrow with a quiver to complete the look.

Robin Hood Cosplay Costumes

A few of Robin Hood’s items should be relatively easy to find such as the cream-colored tunic or wooden bow. You may have a little difficulty finding the Renaissance type of clothing that Robin Hood would been accustomed to wearing. The prince of thieves would typically be clad in green accented with a felt cap and feather. The traditional archery garb would is of utmost importance for Robin Hood as that would be his method for obtaining riches from those in power.

If you are interested in a group cosplay centered around Robin Hood, we recommend joining forces with Little John, Lady Marian, Friar Tuck, King Richard, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Since the time of Robinhood is set in the middle ages, your fellow cosplayers should dress up in medieval and renaissance clothing to compliment your Robin Hood costume.

Robin Hood Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a legendary adventure with our Robin Hood costume guide FAQ. This iconic character, celebrated in English folklore, is known for his skill as an archer, his role as an outlaw, and his mission to rob from the rich and give to the poor. This guide will help you capture the classic look of Robin Hood, perfect for fans who admire his heroism and charm.

A traditional Robin Hood costume includes a green tunic or shirt, often with a slightly darker vest or waistcoat over it. Pair these with brown or dark green trousers or tights. A key element of his attire is a feathered hat, typically in green, with a long feather. Complete the outfit with brown boots and a belt, preferably with a rustic buckle.

Robin Hood is often depicted with medium-length, tousled hair, sometimes with a beard or goatee. You can achieve this look with a wig or by styling your own hair to have a slightly unkempt, rugged appearance. For the facial hair, either grow out your beard or use makeup or a fake beard to replicate the style.

Robin Hood typically wears practical, brown leather boots. These boots should have a worn-in look, suitable for a life spent in the forests and on the run. They can be either ankle-high or extend to mid-calf. The boots are typically plain, without excessive decoration.

Essential accessories for a Robin Hood costume include a longbow and a quiver of arrows, symbolizing his skill as an archer. Additionally, a green cloak or hooded cape can be included, which is useful for his stealthy endeavors. Gloves, particularly fingerless or archer's gloves, can also add to the authenticity of the costume.

While specific quotes from Robin Hood can vary depending on the adaptation or story, here are some lines inspired by the legend that you could use: "For the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of love for the world.," "Rob from the rich and give to the poor.," "In the heart of the forest, the noble outlaw stands.," "We are men of Sherwood, defenders of the downtrodden." and "Aim true and stand for justice." These lines capture the essence of Robin Hood's character as a skilled archer, a brave outlaw, and a champion of the people. Using them can help you embody the spirit of this legendary folk hero in your cosplay.

About Robin Hood

Created in English folklore back in medieval times, Robin Hood became a heroic outlaw and alongside his band of Merry Men. His legend became increasingly popular in the late Middle Ages and is still as popular even today as is evident by his representation in literature, film, and television. The first known reference to Robin Hood was from a poem called Piers Plowman which is thought to have been created in the 1370s, but the earliest surviving copies date back to the second half of the 15th century.

In modern culture, Robin Hood is a supporter of the late 12th century King Richard the Lionheart but Robin is driven to become an outlaw after the misrule of Richard’s brother John while Richard was away at the Third Crusade. While the ballads from different time periods don’t quite match up, they do agree on one thing—Robin Hood was a commoner and a man of the people.

Robin Hood

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