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Best Robb Stark Costume Guide

The well known HBO TV series, Game of Thrones, has introduced many popular looks to the cosplay world. With its impressive costumes and bold outfits, the award-winning HBO series brings about a fun challenge for new and old cosplayers alike. 

Robb Stark is the eldest child of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn. He has two younger brothers and two younger sisters, as well as a half brother. Stark has a strong sense of honor and strives to serve justice fairly. When he must fight, Robb is skilled with the sword but does his best to avoid killing those on the other side of the battle. Robb asks no more of his men than he would of his brothers and is always the first into a battle. Enter Winterfell with your head held high dressed as Robb Stark. Get the look with a Robb Stark Costume, Men’s Ankle Banded Pants, Brown Boot, Leather Gloves, and a Foam Sword.

Robb Stark Cosplay Costumes

The historically popular Game of Thrones series chronicles the fight between different families and kingdoms. More often than not, the leaders must be prepared for battle. Robb Stark’s outfit and armor are similar to his father’s, Ned Stark. It is thick with leather and has heavy shoulders for protection. Being from Winterfell means he’s accustomed to the cold, so a heavy fur cloak is also draped across his back. Have your sword by your side and be prepared to do what you must to protect the Stark name.

A Robb Stark cosplay will not be complete unless other familiar characters from Game of Thrones accompany you. Bring along friends who love Game of Thrones as much as you to dress as members of Winterfell. Characters like Ned Stark, Lyanna Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Bran Stark, or Talisa Stark. There are so many options for group cosplays with such an epic series!

Robb Stark Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the epic and tumultuous world of “Game of Thrones” with our costume guide FAQ for Robb Stark, the Young Wolf and King in the North. Known for his honor, leadership, and tragic fate, Robb’s attire reflects his Northern heritage and status as a noble warrior. This guide will assist you in capturing the essence of Robb Stark’s iconic look, resonating with his role as a key figure in the early seasons of the series.

Robb Stark's attire is characterized by its rugged and practical Northern style. It includes a thick, fur-lined cloak, a leather tunic or gambeson, dark trousers, and a leather belt. His outfit is often completed with a sturdy pair of leather boots and gloves. Robb also wears armor during battles, which includes a chainmail hauberk and a breastplate with the direwolf sigil of House Stark.

Robb Stark has long, wavy brown hair, typically styled in a half-up, half-down manner, and a well-groomed beard. Achieving a similar hairstyle may require growing out your hair or using a wig if your hair isn't similar. His stern and determined expression is also a hallmark of his character.

Robb wears sturdy, dark leather boots suitable for the rough terrain of the North. These boots are practical and rugged, reflecting the utilitarian nature of Stark attire.

To fully embody Robb Stark, consider including a prop sword, as he is often depicted as a skilled swordsman. Additionally, a cloak clasp featuring the direwolf sigil of House Stark can add authenticity to the costume. If you're portraying him as King in the North, a simple circlet or crown can signify his status.

Robb Stark is known for his honor, leadership, and sense of duty. Embodying his commanding presence, his sense of justice, and his strategic mind can bring depth to your portrayal. You can also mimic his mannerisms, such as his authoritative yet thoughtful posture, his way of surveying the battlefield, or his interactions with other characters, portraying his role as a leader and a warrior.

About Robb Stark

Robb Stark is the eldest son of Eddard Stark in the HBO television series, Game of Thrones. Played by Richard Madden, he works hard to ensure peace between kingdoms. After his father’s death, he assumes the role of King of the North as best he can. He tries to rule justly and fairly while shedding as little blood as possible. When it comes to war, Stark strives to keep the death count on both sides low and is sympathetic to prisoners of war.

Robb was trained from a young age to fight and became a skilled warrior with a sword. He’s incredibly brave and known for his cunning plans. Though seen by some as an immature boy with no brains, he can surprise many with his tactics. Much like his father, Ned Stark, Robb takes honor and the safety of his family as the highest priority. 

Robb Stark

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