How to Dress Like Rick O’Connell

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Rick O'Connell Costume Guide
Military Shirt
Casual Pants
Gun Holster
Toy Revolver
Leather Bracelet
Rick O'Connell Boots
Blue Bandana
Leather Belt

Best Rick O'Connell Costume Guide

Rick O’Connell, portrayed by Brendan Fraser, is the main protagonist of the widely popular film series The Mummy. With a real heart for adventure, he spends most of his young life going on several escapades, some of which have led him to commit several crimes, like robbing a bank. He abandoned this life to be part of the French Foreign Legion where he was able to join an expedition to Hamunaptra, an ancient Egyptian necropolis. He is known to be one of only two survivors of this expedition. Three years later, he joins archaeologist-turned-librarian Evelyn Carnahan in an expedition to go back and keep the ancient mummy called Imhotep from reviving. Get the look of the fearless adventurer in this Rick O’Connell costume guide.

Cosplay this death-defying look with a Military Shirt, Bandana, Casual Pants, Leather Belt, Rick O’Connell Boots, a Leather Bracelet, a Gun Holster, and a Toy Revolver.


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