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Rick Deckard Costume Guide
Rick Deckard Shirt
Rick Deckard Brown Trenchcoat
Fossil Joe Belt
Blade Runner Tie
Dockers Alpha Khaki - Light Brown Heather
Barsony Brown Leather Holster
Superior Force Electric Toy Gun
Black Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Best Rick Deckard Halloween Costume Guide

Gear up to be Rick Deckard, the fictional plainclothes police officer with the San Francisco Police Department from the movie Blade Runner. The futurist Blade Runner, played by Harrison Ford, sets out to destroy replicants as a bounty hunter. Look like the futurist Blade Runner with a Rick Deckard Shirt, Blade Runner Tie, Dockers Alpha Khaki in Light Brown Heather, Black Adidas Stan Smith Shoes, and a Fossil Joe Belt. Get the complete costume with a Rick Deckard Brown Trenchcoat, Barsony Brown Leather Holster, and Superior Force Electric Toy Gun.

Rick Deckard Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to don your brown trenchcoat and cosplay as Rick Deckard from Blade Runner. While we have the brown trenchcoat down, you’ll also need a Rick Deckard shirt and Blade Runner tie which you can find both easily online. Also grab a pair of khakis, a brown belt and some black shoes to complete your wardrobe choice. Don’t head out just yet though; you’re going to need to grab your leather holster and a airsoft pistol which you can grab from any costume store or online. You can always look at our featured photos to grab some inspiration especially if you want to do a group cosplay and you’re not sure what you want to do just yet. Whatever you end up coming up with, we’d love to see it and have it featured alongside the other photos of the cosplay!

About Rick Deckard

Rick Deckard is the main character of Blade Runner and is played by Harrison Ford. Rick Deckard is a rather complex character in the means that he’s supposed to be the hero of the movie but his job as a bounty hunter is to kill the replicants which are essentially runaway slaves. While he may show remorse or reluctance to kill them, he kills them either way and that could be part of the reason the character tends to be moody and drink quite heavily and often. Rick is not someone that gets close to others and he spends quite a lot of time away from others preferring instead to do his own thing but he does eventually start to fall for Rachel who happens to be a replicant. He starts to grow as a persona and learn a bit more humility after meeting Rachel; it’s an important part of the movie.

Rick Deckard

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