How to Dress Like Rick Astley

Male Pop Culture Music
Two-Button Black Blazer
White Collared Shirt
Pleated Front Pants
Striped Crew Neck Sweater
Brown Slip-on Shoes
Microphone Stand
Microphone Head
Leather Bridle Belt
Orange Hair Dye

Best Rick Astley Costume Guide

You know the singer Rick Astley from his popular hit, Never Gonna Give You Up, but he didn’t stop there! Though Astley had plenty of other hit singles through the years that became top hits in the UK and the US, he has become most popular these days for rick-rolling. This guy was on fire in his younger days! We all remember the boy next door look that Astley presented, and now you can get it too! Get ready to rickroll everyone this Halloween with this Rick Astley costume guide.

Cosplay Rick Astley’s look with a White Collared Shirt, Striped Crew Neck Sweater, Two-Button Black Blazer, Pleated Front Pant with a Leather Bridle Belt, Brown Slip-on Shoes. Lastly, grab a Microphone Head and Microphone Stand so you can perform Never Gonna Give You Up too.

Rick Astley Cosplay Costumes

Rick Astley’s most popular look is from his 1987 music video, Never Gonna Give You Up! Everyone will recognize this look from the popular rickroll video that has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube! Get ready to troll everyone around you this Halloween with the hilarious cosplay. Some of the items you may already have in your closet so, be sure to check for a white collared shirt, striped sweater, belt, pants, and a pair of basic brown shoes. For the microphone stand and head, you can order a fake one online to save you a little cash!

While Astley did go on to become a solo artist, that doesn’t mean you can’t easily turn this look into a group cosplay! A couple of your friends could dress as other popular internet memes like Ermahgerd Gersberms Girl, Apple Pen Pineapple Pen Man, or Salt Bae. We want to see a picture of your costume when it’s completed, and you may just end up in the Rick Astley costume gallery!

Rick Astley Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to channel the iconic 1980s pop sensation Rick Astley, famous for his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Our detailed costume guide FAQ is designed to help you recreate Rick Astley’s classic look from the music video, answering your questions about how to embody this memorable pop culture figure with his signature style and charm.

Rick Astley's look in the video is quintessentially 80s. Key components include a trench coat (preferably in a light color like beige or tan), a white collared shirt, a tie (often patterned or brightly colored), and dress trousers. This ensemble captures the clean, professional look that was iconic in the video.

The trench coat should be a light color like beige, tan, or light brown, and it should have a classic cut. Underneath, wear a crisp white collared shirt. The shirt should be buttoned-up and neat to replicate the tidy, polished look Astley had in the video.

Opt for dress trousers in a dark color like black or navy blue. The pants should be well-fitted, reflecting the tailored look of the 1980s. For shoes, choose black or brown dress shoes that are polished and sharp.

Rick Astley's hairstyle is an important part of his look. It should be styled in a neat, short quiff, typical of the late 80s. For accessories, a brightly colored or patterned tie is essential. Astley often wore ties with bold patterns in the music video, adding a pop of color to his outfit.

Including lyrics from "Never Gonna Give You Up" can add an extra layer of fun to your costume. Memorable lines from the song include: "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.," "Never gonna run around and desert you.," "Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye.," "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you." and "We've known each other for so long." These lyrics are instantly recognizable and synonymous with Rick Astley, making them perfect for anyone looking to embody his character from the iconic music video.

About Rick Astley

Rick Astley is the singer, songwriter, and performer that everyone best knows from his eighties hit Never Gonna Give You Up. Before he hit fame, Astley worked for his father driving a truck and would perform in local pubs with his friends. He was in a few different bands while he was younger, one of them being FBI, but it wasn’t until he decided to go solo that he really made a name for himself.

A man by the name of Pete Waterman heard Astley singing and knew he should bring him into the studio immediately. Astley’s first real hit, Never Gonna Give You Up, rose to the top of the charts in over 20 countries! Since 2007 when the first use of Astley’s video appeared on 4chan appeared as a prank, the music video has become an internet phenomenon. The joke now called “rickrolling” has had millions of views.

Rick Astley

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