How to Dress Like Richmond Valentine

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Best Richmond Valentine Costume Guide

Suit up like technology tycoon Richmond Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, in the action-spy-comedy movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. As the CEO of “Valentine Corporation,” Richmond plans to take over the world through  SIM cards he gives away.  Get a costume like the criminal mastermind with a 100% Cotton Non-Iron Dress Shirt, Lambswool V-Neck Sweater, Tibetan Buddhist Wood Beads, Adjustable Closure Blank Cap, and Adidas High Top Sneakers. Complete Valentine’s look with a pair of Horn Rimmed Clear Glasses.

Richmond Valentine Cosplay Costumes

You may have no intentions to take over the world like Richmond Valentine but there’s no reason you can’t dress as him this year. With his orange outfit and mastermind ways, Richmond happens to be a pretty eccentric character. If you can find some friends willing to dress as other characters in the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, you could probably have a pretty cool group costume. If you do happen to do a group costume, we’d love to see photos of what you happen to come up with.

The things you’ll need to replicate this costume are an orange baseball cap, horn-rimmed clear glasses, an orange v-neck sweater, an orange polo, orange dress shirt, straight leg jeans, Tibetan Buddhist wood beads, natural energy gemstone bracelet and orange high top shoes.

Richmond Valentine Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the stylish and sophisticated world of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Richmond Valentine, the charismatic yet villainous character portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. Perfect for fans and cosplayers, this guide will assist you in creating Valentine’s unique look, blending contemporary fashion with a distinctive flair that defines his character in the film.

Richmond Valentine's attire is a mix of elegance and eccentricity, reflecting his flamboyant personality. Essential components of his outfit include brightly colored shirts, often with unique patterns, a tailored blazer or sports coat, and smart trousers. He's known for his distinct choice of hats, typically a flat cap, and his round-framed glasses. To complete the look, add a pair of stylish sneakers, as Valentine dislikes traditional dress shoes.

Valentine sports a clean-shaven look with a neatly groomed hairstyle, typically a short, styled-back look. To replicate this, use a bit of hair gel or pomade for a sleek finish. Ensure a clean-shaven face or neatly trimmed facial hair to match his polished appearance.

Makeup for Valentine should focus on a well-groomed appearance. Key props that define his character include his distinctive round-framed glasses and a flat cap. To emulate his lisp, practice speaking with a slight speech impediment, as this is a characteristic trait of Valentine in the movie.

Richmond Valentine's suit can often be replicated with a smart, tailored blazer or sports coat paired with contrasting trousers. Look for blazers in unique colors or with subtle patterns. The key is in finding modern, slim-fit designs that reflect Valentine's stylish and unconventional fashion sense.

Incorporating Valentine's quotes will bring authenticity to your portrayal. Here are some memorable ones: "Mankind is the virus, and I'm the cure.," "You like spy movies, Mr. Devereaux? I always felt the old Bond films were only as good as the villain.," "This ain't that kind of movie, bruv.," "I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam." and "World's greatest spy? Or world's greatest traitor?." These quotes capture Valentine's complex character, blending charm and menace, and his pivotal role in the film's narrative.

About Richmond Valentine

Richmond Valentine is a very wealthy tycoon who plans to change the world by giving away SIM cards around the world which he claims will provide unlimited calls and internet on his network. He also plans to change the majority of people in the world to extremely violent and barbaric animals that will destroy anything in their way and even kill themselves. Richmond happens to be the arch-enemy of a secret organization called Kingsmen and is also the CEO of a company known as Valentine Corporation which he uses to employ an army of soldiers and workers.

After a few events in the movie, Valentine’s plan becomes clear and his plan is none other than to broadcast a worldwide signal cause a massive cull of the human race to spare the earth from further environmental damage. Eventually, he loses the battle against the organization and his plan ends up failing.

Richmond Valentine

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