How to Dress Like Richie Tenenbaum

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Richie Tenenbaum Costume Guide
Brown Pants
Brown Suit Jacket
Polo Shirt
Full Beard
Retro Sunglasses
Brown Hair Wig

Best Richie Tenenbaum Costume Guide

Richie Tenenbaum is a fictional character from the Wes Anderson directed film The Royal Tenenbaums. In the film, Luke Wilson plays the former tennis star who is found to be living on a cruise ship following an extremely public breakdown on the tennis court which ruined his career. The breakdown was caused in part by his somewhat unacceptable feelings towards his adoptive sister Margot, which he also depicts in a series of paintings.

When he returns home, his life unravels further when he finds that his best friend is actually having an affair with Margot. When a private investigator digs up more dirt on her, he suffers from another more extreme breakdown. If you want to transform into this dysfunctional former tennis pro, you’ll need to get yourself a Brown Suit Jacket, Brown Pants, Polo Shirt, Brown Hair Wig, Full Beard, Retro Sunglasses and Headband.


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