How to Dress Like Rey

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Best Rey Costume Guide

Dress like Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, the lead character in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Left by her family on planet Jakku, Rey spent her childhood dreaming of the day her family would return. After encountering Finn and BB-8, she decided to join the Resistance.

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Rey Cosplay Costumes

Rey is a new force in the Star Wars universe, and now she can be your new cosplay character. Wearing her signature outfit and carrying around her staff, you’ll look like you came straight from Jakku. And what better way to make friends at the party or convention you’re at then introducing people to your cute remote control BB-8?

Dressing up as Rey will definitely impress, and her stellar look isn’t hard to pull off. Just put your hair in a bun, throw on her flowy jumpsuit, and accessorize with bangles and a satchel to carry all of your Star Wars gear in. Even better if you can find someone to cosplay as Finn with you. Check out these out of this world cosplayers who dressed up as Rey to get some inspiration for your costume.

Rey Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an epic journey with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Rey from “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.” Known for her resourcefulness, bravery, and unique style, this guide is designed to help you accurately recreate Rey’s iconic look. Whether you’re attending a cosplay event, a Star Wars-themed gathering, or simply embracing the Force, our guide covers the essentials for embodying Rey’s distinct appearance, capturing her spirit as the resilient scavenger turned Jedi.

Rey's outfit in "The Force Awakens" is practical and symbolic of her life as a scavenger on Jakku. Key elements include a beige or off-white top with wrapped detailing, arm wraps, a flowing sash or tabard that hangs from the waist, baggy trousers, a leather belt, and rugged, dark boots. Her outfit is accented with a small satchel bag and a cuff on one wrist. Rey's three-bun hairstyle is also iconic and integral to her look.

To replicate Rey's arm wraps, use strips of light, stretchy fabric in a beige or off-white color. Wrap them snugly around your arms, starting from the wrist up to just below the elbow. For the sash, use a piece of flowing fabric that matches the color of the top, draping it over one shoulder and around the waist. It should be long enough to flow behind you but not so long that it becomes a tripping hazard.

Rey's trousers are loose-fitting and comfortable, in a light beige or grey color. They should be tucked into her boots, which are dark, mid-calf, and rugged, resembling those of a desert scavenger. The boots should have minimal embellishments to maintain Rey's utilitarian look.

Rey's hairstyle is a signature part of her character in "The Force Awakens." Her hair is styled into three buns, or "knobs," at the back of her head. This style works best with medium to long hair. You can achieve this look by dividing your hair into three sections horizontally and securing each into a bun. If your hair is not long enough, consider using hair extensions or a wig styled in the same manner.

Rey, known for her determination and kindness, has several memorable quotes such as: "I know all about waiting. For my family. They'll be back. One day.," "I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy.," "The Force? The Jedi? All of it. It's all true.," "I'm no one." and "I can handle myself." These quotes reflect Rey's journey from a solitary scavenger to a hero embracing her destiny. Using them in your cosplay can add depth to your portrayal and help you connect with other fans of "Star Wars" and Rey's inspiring story.

About Rey

Rey was abandoned by her parents on the planet of Jakku when she was a child. Growing up, she was forced to scavenge through old ships for parts that she would trade for food rations. After years of solitude, Rey met Finn and BB-8, who left Jakku with her to embark on a journey to aid the Resistance.

During her quest, Rey learned the truth about the Jedi and met Han Solo and General Leia. As she began to learn about her connection to the Force, Rey found herself caught up in Kylo Ren’s plot to create a new Death Star and control the Galaxy. Ultimately Rey and her pals saved the day by destroying the new Death Star and foiling Kylo Ren’s plans. A brave fighter with a knack for building and flying things, Rey is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


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