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As a meta-human speedster from the 22nd century, Reverse-Flash is the archenemy of The Flash and the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. as well as being a time criminal. The Reverse-Flash was obsessed with The Flash from the 21st-century so, he recreated Barry Allen’s accident to get his same powers. The Reverse Flash has a distinct look which is the exact opposite coloring of The Flash. To get the look of the time-traveling villain with this Reverse-Flash costume guide.

Cosplay the Reverse-Flash with a Reverse-Flash Leather Jacket, Black Leather Pants, Reverse-Flash Mask, Zoom Black Boots, and Black Leather Gloves. You can also go the easy route with a complete Reverse Flash costume to wear underneath your clothing.

Reverse-Flash Cosplay Costumes

If you’ve ever had the urge to dress like an antihero, there’s no better character than DC Comics Reverse-Flash. The look of the Reverse-Flash has the inverse color of Barry Allen’s The Flash and is the archenemy to popular superhero. The costume for the time-traveling antihero may be a bit difficult to find in stores, but you can go online to find everything you need. The essentials you absolutely need are a Reverse-Flash jacket, black leather pants, and Reverse-Flash mask. You could also opt for a complete The Reverse-Flash costume.

If you’d like to make this a group costume with friends, you could find a friend willing to dress up as The Flash to go head-to-head with you. We’d love to see the costume you come up by following this guide. If Reverse-Flash isn’t the costume for you, take a look at the best superhero costume guides. Don’t hesitate to send a few photos of your costume to show others on Costume Wall.

Reverse-Flash Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the electrifying world of “The Flash” with our costume guide FAQ for Reverse-Flash, one of the most formidable adversaries in the series. Known for his distinctive yellow and black suit, which mirrors The Flash’s but with a menacing twist, Reverse-Flash embodies speed, cunning, and a complex character arc. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential components of Reverse-Flash’s costume, providing insights on how to embody the speedster’s unique blend of style and villainy.

Reverse-Flash's costume is iconic and instantly recognizable. It primarily consists of a tight-fitting suit in a bright yellow with black accents, particularly around the waist, gloves, and boots. The suit is often adorned with the Reverse-Flash symbol on the chest, which is a lightning bolt striking a circle. A significant feature of the costume is the mask, which covers the entire head except for the eyes and mouth, typically colored in yellow with red eyes. The costume's design emphasizes speed and agility, similar to The Flash, but with a distinctly darker aesthetic.

To replicate Reverse-Flash's suit, look for a form-fitting, stretchable fabric like spandex or Lycra in bright yellow. The black accents can be added using fabric paint or additional material. The mask can be created from the same material as the suit or from a more rigid material for a better fit. Ensure that the mask has eye openings and consider using red-tinted lenses for the eyes to mimic his menacing look.

Reverse-Flash's boots and gloves should match the black accents of his suit. The boots should be close-fitting and allow for comfortable movement, as they are an integral part of the speedster's attire. The gloves are typically streamlined and fit snugly around the hands. Both boots and gloves can be crafted from materials like leather or a leather-like fabric to complement the suit.

Key accessories for Reverse-Flash's costume include the Reverse-Flash symbol, a yellow lightning bolt striking a black or white circle, which should be prominently displayed on the chest. A prop resembling the "speed force" energy that he harnesses could add an extra touch to the costume. This could be a special effects light or a static prop designed to look like crackling energy.

To enhance your portrayal of Reverse-Flash, consider adopting his confident and menacing demeanor. Memorable quotes like, "I am the future, Flash" or "You can't lock up the darkness" can be used to bring the character to life. Emphasizing his arrogance, intelligence, and complex relationship with The Flash will add depth to your cosplay. Reverse-Flash is a character defined by his manipulation and sheer speed, so portraying these aspects is key to a convincing costume.

About Reverse-Flash

While Eobard Thawne, better known as the Reverse-Flash, was once so obsessed with The Flash that he recreated the accident to give himself the same superpowers as Barry Allen. He eventually learned he was destined to become The Flash’s archenemy after he traveled back in time. He slowly grew to despise the DC Comics hero and wanted to prove his superiority as the Reverse-Flash. The two battled for many years, but neither of them was strong or fast enough to defeat each other.

When he learned of the secret identity of The Flash, Eobard traveled back in time to try and kill Barry Allen as a child which would ultimately eliminate his foe. Reverse-Flash was stopped by a future version of The Flash. He instead killed Nora Allen and framed her husband for the crime. Eobard also lost his connection to the Speed Force which kept him trapped in the 21st century.


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