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Best Regina George Costume Guide

Regina George is the main antagonist in the 2004 teen comedy movie Mean Girls. She is the most popular girl in school and the leader of the “Plastics.” She is the classic Queen Bee character and does not hesitate to use her looks and charm to get what she wants. She and her friends Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith befriended Cady Heron, the new girl in campus who was previously homeschooled in Africa. She then proceeds to transform the nerdy Cady into a popular girl, just like them. To her chagrin, Cady becomes her competition, not just for popularity, but also for the attention of her on-again, off-again boyfriend Aaron Samuels.

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Regina George Cosplay Costumes

Regina George is the campus dream girl – blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim body that can rock tight tops and short skirts. She is really particular with what she wears and criticizes other girls who she thinks has poor fashion sense. She used to be friends with outcast Janis Ian in middle school, but later on she made up a rumor that Janis is a lesbian. This destroyed their friendship and made Janis plot revenge against her. Janis uses Cady for this and takes advantage of the newcomer’s friendship with Regina to further her plans.

Dress up as the most popular Queen Bee ever with our Regina George costume set. This sweet and casual outfit is definitely something you can wear in real life! Have your girlfriends dress up as Gretchen, Karen, and Cady so you can make an entrance at the party in style!

About Regina George

Regina’s family life played a part on why she turned out to be a mean girl. Her parents don’t really get along and still live together even though they are “separated.” Her mom is going through a mid-life crisis and dresses up just like her teenage daughter.

Actress Lindsay Lohan actually read for the part of Regina George first, but the role was eventually given to Rachel McAdams. Amanda Seyfried also read for the part, but was eventually cast as Karen. Lohan was cast as Cady instead; she also feared that playing the mean girl role of Regina might harm her reputation.

Mean Girls became a pop culture phenomenon. Singer Mariah Carey admitted to being a fan of the film and it was said that her song “Obsessed” was inspired by the movie. The character of Regina George became the top reference for the ultimate Queen Bee stereotype.

Regina George

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