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Best Reggie Rocket Costume Guide

The animated television series, Rocket Power, is a show that ran in the early 2000s on Nickelodeon made by the same creators as The Rugrats. The show is about a group of kids who go on adventures and enjoy competing in extreme sports. The friends live in the town of Ocean Shores and spend their time surfing, roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling, playing street hockey, and playing other sports. 

Reggie Rocket is the older sister of Otto and the only girl in the group. She doesn’t like being called a girl and prefers being treated as a boy. She is a creative and ambitious tween who loves competitive sports. When she isn’t out with the team, Reggie is writing and publishing her very own zine. Her dream is to one day open a publishing business of her very own, but for now, she’ll take what she can get. Get the look of this tomboy with a Reggie Rocket costume guide. To match her look, you’ll need a Reggie Rocket Shirt, Camouflage Pants, Purple Wig, Red Shoes, and a pair of Sunglasses.

Reggie Rocket Cosplay Costumes

The character’s outfits from the Nickelodeon show, Rocket Power, will take you immediately back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Each character wears some type of iconic clothes from that specific time. This clothing will be a big hint to those who see you in costume. Most people familiar with the animated series, remember Reggie Rocket’s purple curly hair that always had a pair of red sunglasses on top.

Reggie frequently wore a pink shirt (with a rocket), with a pair of green camouflage pants, and red shoes. She is nothing like the other girly girls around Ocean Shores. She isn’t overly conscious or concerned about her appearance. Get ready to get your hands dirty by playing some extreme sports. Playing these sports is way more fun than keeping your clothes clean. Do you think you have Reggie Rocket’s look down to a T? If so, why not submit a photo and description to be entered into this year’s Halloween Costume Contest!

About Reggie Rocket

Shayna Fox voices the fun and outgoing character, Reggie Rocket, from the animated Nickelodeon series, Rocket Power. Reggie, whose real name is Regina, is a tomboy who loves sports. She spends almost all her time with her brother Otto and their Team Rocket friends, Squid and Twister. The group of friends like all types of extreme sports, like skateboarding, surfing, bicycling, roller skating, and street hockey. 

The people of Ocean Shores know her to be kind, creative, and good at sports. Reggie created and is the co-owner of a magazine called “The Zine,” where she writes and publishes it. Her dream is to one day become an author and have a publishing house of her own. If it wasn’t obvious, she is extremely hard working. She doesn’t give up easily and will always get back up after falling off. Just make sure you don’t call her a girl, otherwise, she may get a little grumpy.

Reggie Rocket

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