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Best Regan MacNeil Costume Guide

Regan MacNeil is a fictional character in William Peter Blatty’s book and film, The Exorcist, in which she is played by a young Linda Blair. Regan is one of the most iconic characters in the history of horror films, as the shy, polite child who becomes possessed and turns into anything but polite. Her mother is a busy actress who spends lots of time away from home, and her parents are in the process of divorcing, which provides a perfect opportunity for demons to overtake her soul.

As the changes in her behavior become more dramatic, her mother has no option but to accept the theory she may be possessed, so she seeks help from the Catholic Church. If you want to transform into horror icon Regan MacNeil, you’ll need a Regan Costume, Regan Mask, Wooden Cross, every horror costume’s essential ingredient of Fake Blood, and some Fake Vomit.

Regan MacNeil Cosplay Costumes

There are only a select few characters in film history that leave an everlasting mark on the world, and Regan MacNeil is definitely one of those. The Exorcist’s iconic scene of Linda Blair’s character strapped to a bed, vomiting and making her head spin around like a top is one of the most well known moments not only of horror film history but in all of cinema history. So if you’re keen to unleash your demons at that upcoming horror convention, Regan MacNeil is the perfect character to cosplay.

Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist paved the way for countless other films about demonic possession, and many would say that nobody ever did it better – so if you’re seeking a costume, why not go with the original and best! We fully encourage dressing as this awesome horror character, but if you’re in the company of others, you may want to tone down the foul-mouthed vocabulary used by the possessed Regan MacNeil in the film!

Regan MacNeil Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a haunting journey with our costume guide FAQ for Regan MacNeil from “The Exorcist,” one of the most iconic horror film characters. Prepare to transform into the possessed and unsettling character as we provide answers to your most pressing questions about recreating her chilling look.

The key components of Regan's costume include a long, light blue nightgown, often depicted as tattered or stained to reflect her possessed state. The nightgown should be simple in style, resembling typical sleepwear from the 1970s. To enhance the eerie effect, add fake blood or green slime stains, reminiscent of the scenes from the movie. Additionally, a wig with long, messy brown hair will capture Regan's disheveled appearance during her possession.

Regan's makeup is crucial for an authentic portrayal. Use pale face makeup to create a sickly, ghostly complexion. Darken around the eyes to give a sunken look, and add scratches, bruises, or simulated lesions for a more horrifying effect. The use of green makeup to mimic the vomit scenes from the film can also add to the authenticity.

Regan, when possessed, exhibits extreme facial expressions and unsettling mannerisms. Practice contorting your face into grimaces, wide-eyed stares, and unnerving smiles. Adding a raspy voice or mimicking her guttural growls can also contribute to a more convincing portrayal.

Regan's hair becomes increasingly wild and unkempt as the movie progresses. Style the wig to be messy, tangled, and disheveled, as if it hasn't been cared for in weeks. This will add to the overall horror of the character.

Recreating iconic scenes or using quotes from Regan in "The Exorcist" can make your costume more impactful. Some memorable moments include her chilling head spin, levitating off the bed, or speaking in the demonic voice. As for quotes, use caution as many of her lines are quite intense and may not be appropriate for all settings. A safer quote might be her eerie line, "Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter?"

About Regan MacNeil

Regan MacNeil is the 12-year-old daughter of actress Chris MacNeil and is played by Linda Blair in the 1961 demonic horror movie The Exorcist. She is introduced to us as a sweet, quiet young girl who loves her mother. A typical, happy kid. But it isn’t long before her behavior starts to become more bizarre, and even aggressive. It is first thought she is merely ill, but it isn’t long before her mother realizes there is more at play. Despite being an atheist, she accepts the possibility of demonic possession and contacts a priest, Father Karras.

It is revealed she is possessed by the demon Pazuzu, and Father Karras along with Father Merrin must try to expel the evil demon from the body of young Regan MacNeil. To this day, The Exorcist is still considered to be one of the most terrifying films of all time, due in no small part to the performance of Linda Blair as the possessed young girl.

Regan MacNeil

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