How to Dress Like Redline from Fortnite

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Redline Costume Guide
Casual Tank Top
Motorcycle Helmet
Tactical Leg Strap
Military Style Nylon Belt
Women Rider Leggings
Colors Sweatband
Knuckle Outdoor Glove
Combat Lace Up Boots
Adjustable Elbow Armor

Best Redline Costume Guide

In Fortnite, skins or outfits aesthetically change the look of the player but do not have any added functions or benefits otherwise. The Redline skin is the name of the epic female skin outfit for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is also known as the female version of the immensely popular Burnout outfit. With the slogan “Revving beyond the limit”, the Redline skin was added in the Season 5 battle pass and is unlockable at Tier 23. With its clean and ultra-stylishly sleek look, Redline holds an enormous appeal and attraction to many game fans. If you’re dead set on looking like the irresistible femme fatale with a few killer-like slick moves to match, just slip into this stunning Redline skin with its black tank-top and hugging black pants, pitch-black racing helmet with the two graphic red bands. To top it all off, follow the avatar featuring a tattoo-covered arm with a red armband as a striking indication of how you can’t go wrong with this Redline skin!

Redline Cosplay Costumes

The Redline skin costume is part of the RPM set and revolves around the intriguing intergalactic theme of ‘time displacement’. It was launched on July 12, 2018, as part of Battle Pass Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royal with 5 cosmetics items in the RPM set. It’s game on with your own brigade of Fortnite Battle Royale Cosplay compadres, as many as you can muster up to escalate your cosplay excitement and presence.

With a mind-boggling wardrobe of scintillating skins to gloat over and choose from, it’s no wonder Fortnite Battle Royale continues to gain multitudes of game and Cosplay fans globally every day. Tricera Ops, Rex, Teknique, Toxic Trooper, Lite Show, Raptor, Hime, Musha, Survival Specialist, Cloaked Star, Dreamflower, Far Out Man, The Ace, Backbone, Chopper, Armadillo, Grill Sergeant, Scorpion – all these skins are just but a few waiting to be snatched up for you and your gang to strut your stuff in!

About Redline

A cooperative survival game with construction elements, Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale video game released as an early access title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, macOS and Microsoft Windows in September 2017, for iOS in April 2018, the Nintendo Switch in June 2018, and finally as an Android version in August 2018.

As a spin-off from Epic’s Fortnite: Save the World, it features up to 100 players playing individually, in two’s or in battle squads of not more than four players. Fortnite Battle Royale features up to 100 players, alone, in duos, or in squads of up to four players. The last player standing or last group alive after having either killed or evaded other players is the ultimate winner. And all this achieved while remaining within a safe zone that is constantly diminishing. The aim is to scavenge for weapons and armor to stay ahead while also breaking down most objects in the game world to gain resources that can be used for building fortifications.


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