How to Dress Like Re-Animator (Herbert West)

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Everyday Scrubs Lab Coat
Solid Color Black Ties
Metal Clear Lens Aviator Glasses
3 Green Syringe Shaped Pens
Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt
Cut Off Head with Open Eyes
Big Face Watch
Flat Front Straight-Fit Pants
Pint of Blood Standard
Plastic Test Tubes
Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Set
Lace Up Black Leather Shoes

Best Re-Animator Costume Guide

Herbert West was first mentioned in the 1922 short horror story, Herbert West–Reanimator. The story made history as it was the first mention of zombies in the medical world! West is the inventor of a special serum that when injected into a deceased person will cause the body’s living functions to return or re-animate. H.P. Lovecraft later serialized the story into popular comic books. Herbert West was later portrayed by Jeffrey Combs in the 1985 comedy horror film Re-Animator. Zombies are now a staple of modern day horror films and shows. Dress up like Herbert West with this Re-Animator costume guide.

Cosplay the look of Herbert West as the Re-Animator with an Everyday Scrubs lab coat, Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt, Solid Color Black Tie, Flat Front Straight-Fit Pants, Big Face Watch, Metal Clear Lens Aviator Glasses, and Lace Up Black Leather Shoes. Prepare your lab with 3 Green Syringe Shaped Pens, Cut Off Head with Open Eyes, Pint of Blood, Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Set, and Plastic Test Tubes.


Re-Animator Cosplay Costumes

Who doesn’t want to cosplay a creepy, mad scientist as the original zombie creator?! The Re-Animator brought the idea of zombies into the mainstream. So, grab your lab coat and begin loading up your special serum in syringes because we’ve located all the costume pieces you will need to recreate Herbert West’s look in just a few easy steps. Get started recreating this awesome look from the 1985 film Re-Animator just in time for Halloween!

Start off with a long sleeve oxford shirt, flat-front dress pants, and a black tie. Once you wearing those items, throw on a long white lab coat over your clothes. Put on a pair of aviator style glasses, a big face watch, and a pair of black leather dress shoes. Now for the gruesome pieces! Grab a fake severed head with some costume blood to make it extra creepy. You will also need a flask set, test tubes, and fake syringes filled with green fluid to give the appearance you’re a real scientist. As a zombie creating, mad scientist make sure to send us a picture of your Herbert West cosplay.

Re-Animator Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling world of Herbert West, the central character of “Re-Animator,” a story by H.P. Lovecraft. This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture the essence of the determined and eccentric medical student known for his groundbreaking and macabre experiments with reanimation.

Herbert West's outfit reflects his role as a medical student and researcher. His costume typically includes a white lab coat, often stained with mysterious chemicals or blood due to his experiments. Underneath, he wears formal, yet practical attire, such as a dress shirt, tie, and trousers. West's appearance is that of a traditional, if somewhat disheveled, scientist or doctor.

Herbert West is often depicted with neat, combed-back hair, giving him a somewhat stern and serious appearance. His hair color varies, but is often portrayed as dark. For makeup, a pale complexion will reflect his long hours spent in the lab and his intense focus on his work. A serious and focused expression will complete the look.

Essential accessories for a Herbert West costume include medical equipment, such as a syringe, which is iconic to his character due to his experiments with reanimation serums. You might also carry a stethoscope or wear glasses to enhance the scholarly aspect of his character.

Herbert West is known for his intense focus and determination. His mannerisms are precise and deliberate, often reflecting his obsession with his work. He may be posed as if conducting an experiment or holding a syringe, showcasing his commitment to his research.

To bring depth to your portrayal of Herbert West, consider using some of his memorable quotes: "The dosage has to be exact.," "I must find a fresher corpse.," "Death is just a simple malfunction.," "We can conquer death." and "My reagent must be perfected." These quotes capture Herbert West's obsessive pursuit of science and his belief in overcoming death, reflecting the dark and macabre nature of his character.

About Re-Animator

Herbert West is the main character from H.P. Lovecraft’s, Herbert West–Reanimator. Despite his surname, Lovecraft didn’t create Herbert in a romantic setting, but one of horror. Herbert is the main character from the original short story that is based on the 1985 film, Re-Animator. The comedy horror film details the scientist Herbert West as he creates a brand new serum. Now, Herbert is one of those scientists that some may call “mad,” but with good reason. His serum is used to raise the dead back to life. This could quite possibly be the first occurrence of zombies!

West knew that his serum was raising the dead and that they were wreaking havoc on the world, but this didn’t slow him down from continuing with his crazy experiments. He becomes quite obsessed with his new discovery, despite the horrible consequences. He found the way to conquer death, and he won’t stop for anyone. But, West must face reality because he can’t let his experiments continue.


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