How to Dress Like Raymond “Red” Reddington

Blacklist Hat By Von Boch
SO&CO Link Bracelet Watch
MONDAYSUIT Gray 3-Piece Suit
London Fog Black Rain Coat
55mm BlackList Square Aviator
Retreez Purple Tie with White Pin Dots
Van Heusen Pin Stripe Dress Shirt
Airsoft Pistol with Silencer
Bostonian Black Oxfords
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  2. SO&CO Link Bracelet Watch Check Price
  3. Mondaysuit Gray 3-Piece Suit Check Price
  4. London Fog Black Rain Coat Check Price
  5. 55mm BlackList Square Aviator Check Price
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Best Raymond "Red" Reddington Costume Guide

Raymond “Red” Reddington is a mastermind criminal from the NBC series, The Blacklist, who evaded the FBI for nearly 20 years before turning himself in voluntarily. He spent most of his adult life on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, often among the top ten, due to selling government secrets and brokering deals with other dangerous criminals.

Raymond’s appearance is of a modern day member of the mafia. To look like him, you’ll need to wear a Mondaysuit Gray 3-Piece Suit, a Van Heusen Pin Stripe Dress Shirt, and a Purple Tie with White Pin Dots. Over your suit, you’ll add a London Fog Black Rain Coat. Up top, wear the classic Blacklist Hat By Von Boch and down on your feet, slip on Bostonian Black Oxfords to match nicely. Finally, complete Red’s look with an elegant SO&CO Link Bracelet Watch and a pair of 55mm BlackList Square Aviator shades. Don’t leave without your trusty Airsoft Pistol with Silencer.

Raymond "Red" Reddington Cosplay Costumes

Raymond “Red” Reddington from NBC’s The Blacklist is a dangerous criminal and fugitive of the law. But he’s also classy, confident, and ridiculously patient. Dressing up like him takes some work, but it’s worth it! The costume is only part of the story, though. To truly look the part, you’ll need to adapt your body language as well.

The cosplay doesn’t end here. As Reddington is so very well connected, you and your friends can team up. Your wife or girlfriend can dress up as Elizabeth Keen, while your friends can dress up as an FBI agent, bodyguards, or other criminals and mafia heads. The possibilities are just endless with Red’s connections. Take a look at the cosplay gallery for additional costume inspiration. Send us some classified pictures of your cosplay ofRaymond “Red” Reddington! Don’t worry, we won’t send it to the FBI!

About Raymond "Red" Reddington

Raymond “Red” Reddington is an international criminal. He’s responsible for trading highly classified government secrets and brokering international deals with various crime syndicates. He also has a mysterious interest in Elizabeth Keen. What really makes Raymond Reddington unique is that his criminal traits don’t completely define his character, it is only part of who he is. He’s a charming, masterful storyteller and incredibly appreciative of life’s beauty.

In addition to his confident and ruthless personality, he’s capable of kindness and love as shown in his relationship with Elizabeth Keen. He goes as far as getting on his knees and surrendering in front of her. This show of vulnerability is completely unexpected from a highly dangerous criminal such like Reddington. His complex traits make him one of the best criminals to cosplay.

Raymond "Red" Reddington

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