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Best Ray Gillette Costume Guide

Ray Gillette is a fictional character in the popular animated TV series Archer. He is voiced by Adam Reed, and is an openly gay character on the show. He is also a far more competent and dedicated agent than Sterling Archer, and the two often butt heads because of this. He takes his role as an agent of ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service), often going to the aid of his colleagues, except for Archer, who he has a genuine contempt for.

Becoming paralyzed is a running issue for Ray, usually being Archer’s fault, and when it finally happens for real he is given bionic legs by Dr. Krieger. If you want to become the ISIS agent with bionic legs, you’ll need a Men Short Wig, Blonde Mustache, Men’s Grey Suit, Navy Tie, Dress Shoes and Dual Pistols.

Ray Gillette Cosplay Costumes

Ray Gillette is a genuinely good agent at the International Secret Intelligence service. Though he cops a lot of abuse from certain agents, he does have a good relationship with fellow agent Lana Kane. While he seems capable of lying to his friends easily, he really does value them and shows this by helping them out when in need. He also showed his dedication by being extremely frustrated when his paralysis prevented him from going on missions.

Characterized by his pencil mustache and effeminate voice, Ray is a much-loved character and is going to be great fun to cosplay! If you don’t want to be alone dressed as Ray Gillette, how about getting some friends to join in dressed as  his Archer colleagues Pam PooveyLana Kane, Dr Algernop Krieger, Sterling Archer, Cheryl Tunt, or Malory Archer.

About Ray Gillette

Ray Gillette is one of the more hardworking ISIS agents on the animated TV series Archer, where he is voiced by the show’s creator Adam Reed.  He has always hidden his homosexuality from his father, and also his brother who is a marijuana farmer, however at his workplace he is openly gay. He has been married before, to a lesbian woman he met at a ‘pray away the gay’ camp, however this relationship didn’t last for obvious reasons.

A running joke on the show is Ray ending paralyzed, usually as a result of Archer’s reckless actions. In one episode though, the paralysis is for real. This turned his feelings of general resentment towards Archer into a more serious hatred, and since that time he has been particularly nasty towards him, even seeming to want his fellow agent dead. Following the paralysis however, he was given bionic legs but he has a fear of becoming a full cyborg if he continues to be paralyzed.

Ray Gillette

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