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Best Raven Costume Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Fortnite is a wildly popular cooperative survival game by Epic Games where you can customize your character with a massive range of super cool skins. These outfits don’t necessarily have special powers, but they give your player an edgy look. One of the skins is Raven, a male outfit which is classified as Legendary and forms part of the Nevermore Set. There also a corresponding female version called Ravage. Get the look one of the most popular male skins with this Raven from Fortnite costume guide.

Using the tagline “Brooding master of dark skies,” this intimidating, otherworldly skin features a dark hood which obscures his entire face except for the glowing purple eyes. Owners of the Raven skin can also get some back bling called Iron Cage and a pickaxe called Iron Beak. If you want to capture the look of the Fortnite skin Raven, you’ll need a Raven Costume, Purple Feathers, Dress Boots, Toy Scar, and the Fortnite Pick Axe.


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