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Best Rapunzel Halloween Costume Guide

Legendary damsel in distress, Rapunzel was artfully recreated by Disney, resulting in the blockbuster hit, Tangled. Following our guide, we will show you how to recreate her signature Disney look! We began with a Long Blonde Braid Tangled Wig over a Tangled Halloween Costume. For shoes, we went with a pair of Women’s Ballet Flats.

As for accessories, you suggest either one or both of the following items. A non-stick Frying-Pan, which was her weapon of choice in the movie. Her companion of choice and pet Pascal, can be represented by purchasing an adorable, official Disney Tangled Pascal, stuffed chameleon!

Rapunzel Cosplay Costumes

In 2010, Disney Princess cosplayers were gifted with a new character. Princess Rapunzel from the Disney hit Tangled! The movie has given brunette cosplayers a chance to portray this long time favorite character. Moviegoers will know that when Rapunzel cuts her hair to save Flynn, she ends up with a dark brown pixie cut! This fun option offers an alternative look. Her outfit is distinct and can be found at a local costume shop or online. A pair of purple flats to match should complete her costumed look.

For accessories, there are a number of options, one being a frying pan! You could also include a stuffed chameleon or even a paintbrush, as Rapunzel is known to be a painter. For couples cosplay, the natural choice is Flynn Rider. However, family cosplay is an option if you bring in Rapunzel’s kidnapper aka mother, Gothel. For larger groups, you can include some of the henchmen from the pub, Snuggly Duckling! Be sure to take a look at our featured pics for more ideas and send in your own as well!

About Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s tale traces its origins back to the mid-1600’s, but most of the facts remain the same. A girl with magical long hair, raised in a tower by a witch who pretends to be her mother. She gets curious about the world, escapes and eventually finds love and reclaims her title. In Tangled they change it up some, but her personality and virtues remain the same.

Rapunzel is naive and innocent and trusting. She is an artist and talented singer and finds beauty even in her confined surroundings. However, her kindness comes second only to her determination to escape the tower and live her life to the fullest. Finding a willing accomplice in nearly everyone she meets, Rapunzel has a way of convincing people to work together. Her kindness makes her a damsel well worth helping. Quickly overcoming her obstacles, she finds love with the unlikely Flynn and in true fairy-tale fashion, lives happily ever after.


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