How to Dress Like Raptor from Fortnite

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Brown Shirt
Tactical Backpack
Black Tactical Belt
Brown Leather Airman Jacket
Black Knee Pads
Ski Mask
Tactical Leg Strap
Tactical Headset
Nylon Shoelaces
Brown Tactical Pants
Leather Yellow Gloves
Brown Combat Boots

Best Raptor Costume Guide

When you step out in a Raptor skin for Cosplay fun, you may begin to feel like a cocky Air Force brat climbing into the cockpit from another scenario, the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun. Stylish and yet practical in its design for the utmost physical comfort, this Raptor skin is a Legendary skin from the video game Fortnite designed to look like the uniform of a Royale Air Force Test Pilot. Not to be confused with the Raptor Glider, the Raptor skin can be purchased in the item shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. Get the look of this epic Fortnite skin with is Raptor costume guide.

A yellow and brown costume combination, it features an immaculate brown bomber leather jacket, snug blue pants, bright yellow gloves, and a yellow ski mask. Put on the rugged boots and slip the headphones over your head to complete the outfit. This Raptor Outfit isn’t a part of any set. Rare and expensive, it is a highly sought after skin that is bundled with a Raptor Satchel Back Bling skin.

Raptor Cosplay Costumes

Having captivated more than an astounding 125 million players since July 2017 and with earnings in excess of $1 billion from nonessential in-app purchases, Fortnite Battle Royale is certainly a contemporary gaming phenomenon. Celebrities and athletes alike have shared their enthusiasm for the legendary game. Now you can capitalize on the ever-growing popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale and slip into one of the most popular skins, the Raptor, for your Cosplay outfit.

Being one of the earliest Legendary skins from Fortnite, Raptor is one of the most recognizable skins. With a striking yellow, brown, and blue ensemble, it’s no wonder the Raptor skin is always in highly sought after. And with an almost endless list of fascinating Fortnite skins at their disposal, your mates can happily choose other epic skins they want to accompany you in.

Raptor Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for an adventurous cosplay experience with our specialized costume guide FAQ, focusing on Raptor from the globally popular game “Fortnite.” Known for his aviator-inspired look, Raptor is a standout character with a distinctive style. This guide aims to help you recreate Raptor’s iconic outfit and accessories, ensuring you capture the essence of this fan-favorite skin for your next event, whether it’s a gaming convention, cosplay gathering, or themed party.

Raptor's outfit is an eye-catching combination of a military and aviation theme. The central elements include a brown leather bomber jacket with a fur collar, a yellow ski mask, green cargo pants, and combat boots. His look is rugged and ready-for-action, reflecting his role as a fearless and tactical fighter in the game. The jacket often features patches or insignia, adding to the authenticity of the military-aviator blend.

Raptor's headgear is a defining aspect of his character. To replicate it, you'll need a yellow ski mask or balaclava, which covers the entire face except for the eyes. For added detail, use black fabric paint or a marker to create the outlines of the nose and mouth sections, mimicking the design seen in the game. Pair this with aviator goggles placed on the forehead to complete the headgear look.

For Raptor's bomber jacket, select a brown leather or leather-like material with a fur collar. The jacket should have a sturdy, rugged appearance. If possible, add military patches or insignia to the sleeves or chest area of the jacket to enhance the authenticity. The patches can be of air force or aviation-related designs, consistent with Raptor's aviator theme.

Essential accessories for a Raptor costume include a tactical utility belt with pouches, a dog tag necklace, and a pair of black combat boots. The utility belt should look functional and can include various pouches or a holster. The dog tags add a personal touch to the character, while the combat boots complete the military aspect of the outfit.

While Raptor does not have specific catchphrases, incorporating popular "Fortnite" emotes can significantly enhance your Raptor cosplay. Some fitting emotes include: The Salute, The Jubilation, The Breakdown, The Wiggle and The Infinite Dab. Practicing and performing these emotes can bring your Raptor character to life, adding a fun and interactive element to your cosplay that resonates with "Fortnite" fans.

About Raptor

Immediately following the tremendously successful battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017 with perfect timing for a battle royale mode of their own. A version of the game was soon offered as a free-to-play variation that was funded by microtransactions from nonessential in-app purchases. The in-game currency, called V-Bucks, gives players the ability to buy or ern cosmetic items for further character customization.

Gameplay starts with weaponless players skydive from floating “Battle Buses.” A glider is subsequently deployed and guided onto a land mass that contains several landmarks and, more importantly, buildings that can yield weapons, shields, and other combat-supported features. The last player or team still standing in the game’s conitinually shrinking safe zone is the ultimate winner!


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