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Coolie Hat
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Raiden Costume
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Best Raiden Costume Guide

When we think of Mortal Kombat, Raiden immediately comes to mind! He is the classic fighting character, and he’s at the top of our character choices whenever we wanted (want) to play Mortal Kombat- because obviously we still play all the time. Even though Raiden began his journey in the first Mortal Kombat game, he has appeared in every version since then.

Get the look of Raiden with a Coolie Hat, a White Cape, a Wooden Staff, a full Raiden Costume, and Rikio White Jikatab boots. Raiden’s look is unique to his character and you won’t catch it anywhere else- especially not with lightning bolts shoot from his hands!

Raiden Cosplay Costumes

Mortal Kombat characters are popular choices for cosplay, but with our help you can recreate Raiden’s look in just a few short and easy steps! The only things we can’t help you with are teleporting and controlling thunder and lightning…you’re on your own with those!

Start recreating Raiden’s look with a full Raiden costume. You can find some Samurai outfits that look similar too. Another piece you will need is a coolie hat that Raiden never goes anywhere without. Wear that on your head, and add a white cape over your Raiden costume. Don’t forget a pair of white Rikio White Jikatab boots because they are a classic look to his costume. The last piece you will need is a wooden staff. Many of Raiden’s powers and fight moves come from his staff, and his costume can’t be completed without it. Take a picture of your Raiden recreation and send us a shot! Take a quick peek at the other Raiden costumes for a few more ideas on the look!

About Raiden

Raiden is one of the first and longest lasting characters on the video game series, Moral Kombat. Raiden is more powerful than most of the characters, which is why most people choose to fight with him throughout their gaming experience. His powers consist of controlling thunder and lightning, teleportation, and he can fly at his most powerful times while combating.

During his fighting years, Raiden defeated so many competitors that he finally became a god. This only strengthened his powers, and made him nearly impossible to defeat. The only time he can actually compete in a Mortal Kombat tournament is when he takes his moral form and his godly powers are taken away from him. This happens when he enters someone else’s domain, because this is not his land and he cannot use the powers that were given to him. Even still, Raiden is one of the fiercest warriors in the gaming series.


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