How to Dress Like Ragnar Lothbrok

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Ragnar Lothbrok Costume Guide
Viking Leather Armour
Medieval Tunic
Medieval Renaissance Ring Belt
Dragon Bracelet Steel
Medieval Renaissance Lace-Up Pants
Long Haired Striped Faux Fur Throw
Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok
Viking Medieva Shield
Captain-110 Engineer Boot

Best Ragnar Lothbrok Costume Guide

Rise to power like King Ragnar of the House of Lothbrok with a costume that is worthy to step on the set of Vikings from the hit show on The History Channel. Dressed like Ragnar, you’ll be destined for greatness both in battle and any costume party. Suit up like the legendary Norse Viking warrior with a Leather Armour, Medieval Tunic, Lace-Up Pants, a Ring Belt, and a pair of Captain-110 Engineer Boots. Be ready to attack by completing Ragnar’s look with the Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok, Faux Fur Throw, Dragon Bracelet Steel, and a Medieval Shield. His appearance is that of a warrior’s, and Ragnar is prepared to stare into the face of death if it means protecting his family.

Ragnar Lothbrok Cosplay Costumes

Now you can easily get the look from the hit new television show, Vikings. Strap on your Viking gear with King Ragar Lothbrok’s style and prepare for battle! Lothbrok is always ready to fight and to stand up for his family, and we have found all of the essential items for you to recreate his look. You can dress as this main character from the show for your next cosplay event in just a few short steps.

To recreate the look you will need this Viking Leather Armour set, a Medieval Tunic and matching Medieval Renaissance Ring Belt, a Steel Dragon Bracelet, Medieval Renaissance Lace-Up Pants, a Long Haired Striped Faux Fur Throw, the Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking Medieval Shield, and a pair of Captain-110 Engineer Boots. If you’re planning on going with your significant other, you can have her dress up as Lagertha for an awesome couples costume. If you’re going with a friend, have them go as Ragnar’s best friend, Floki. Now you are prepared to raid and for a night of cosplay!

Ragnar Lothbrok: Legendary Viking

Ragnar Lothbrok is a fierce warrior on the show Vikings. Although he is known as the powerful warrior in his tribe, he is also a devoted husband and father. Ragnar’s relationship with his family far outweighs his priorities in his skills in fighting as a viking. When he was a young boy, Ragnar was recognized for his intelligence. When he was only 15 years old, King Froh invaded his home village. King Froh was known for wearing snakes around his neck that would bite his enemies and kill them with their venom. Ragnar outsmarted Froh and wore thick animal hides on his skin so when the snakes would bite it would not harm him. He defeated the king and Ragnar was celebrated as an intelligent Viking warrior.

Ragnar takes pride in his first wife, children, and his brother Rollo. His brother betrays him time and time again, but Ragnar pushes that aside and forgives him as many times as he can. Ragnar knows the value of family and of life.

Ragnar Lothbrok

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