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Radicles Costume Guide
Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sport Wig
Antenna Headband
Face and Body Paint
Men's Pink Tights
Black Knee High Boots

Best Radicles Costume Guide

Radicles, or simply Rad, is one of the main characters in the OK K.O.! superhero comedy series that can be seen on Cartoon Network. Rad is an alien who works at Gar’s Hero Supply & Bodega. He’s pretty tall and muscular but the thing that really garners looks from others is his characteristic turquoise skin and green hair. He’s a slacker by nature and generally likes to pick on K.O.. If you’re looking to cosplay as him, you’ll obviously need some body paint. Get the look of the muscular alien with this Radicles costume guide.

To cosplay Radicles, you will need a pair of pink tights, sleeveless blue t-shirt, black knee-high boots, curly green wig, antenna headband, and turquoise face and body paint. With all of these items, you can achieve Rad’s alien look in almost no time at all while impressing everyone around you.

Radicles Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to find a few of your friends and get ready to create your own superhero team this Halloween! Being one of the main superheroes, Radicles, from the show OK K.O.! it only makes sense that you would grab two of your closest friends to dress as K.O. and Enid to help you fight some crime.

With the unique appearance of Radicles, it should be no surprise that you’ll need a little inspiration to really nail the character’s appearance. While you could view pictures of him online, we recommend watching a few episodes of the Cartoon Network show OK K.O.! to really get just the right amount of inspiration. This way you can see how the Radicles acts to really bring this character to life. After following this costume guide, we’d love to see a few pictures of your cosplay. Send a few photos of your Rad costume to be added to the cosplay gallery.

About Radicles

When you first considering Rad, you may think of him as nothing more than a slacker and a bit of a jock. He seems to always be sleeping on the job and doesn’t really do much besides relaxing or taunting K.O. on the show OK K.O.! superhero comedy series. Underneath the surface, you can see his sensitive side from time to time. He loves to baby-sit kids, is incredibly affectionate towards kittens, and knits in his free time. He doesn’t want to share his tender side with the world so, he often puts on a pretty obnoxious facade.

He likes to frequently show off his special moves as if they were no trouble to do at all. One of his special moves, and the one he uses most often, is Power Poke which forms the shape of a pointing finger and can push others with a tremendous amount of force.


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