How to Dress Like Rabbit Raider from Fortnite

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Rabbit Raider Costume Guide
Pink Rabbit Suit
White Hockey Mask
Rabbit Nose
Easter Egg Backpack
Thigh Pad
Plastic Easter Eggs
Pastel Paint

Best Rabbit Raider Halloween Costume Guide

Fans of the Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale video game should easily recognize the Rabbit Raider. This skin was released to commemorate Easter. Part of the Pastel Patrol set, Rabbit Raider is the male counterpart of the white female version of the skin, Bunny Brawler. The skin can be purchased from Cash Shop with 1,500 V-Bucks. The outfit also comes along with a Back Bling called Epic Hard Boiled Back Bling. Get the look of one of the most recognizable Fortnite skins with this Rabbit Raider costume guide.

Surprise everyone this Halloween (or Easter) with by cosplaying Rabbit Raider by wearing a Pink Rabbit Suit, White Hockey Mask, Rabbit Nose, Plaster Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Backpack, Thigh Pad, and Pastel Paint for Goalie Maske and Thigh Pad.

Rabbit Raider Cosplay Costumes

If your mind is set on immersing yourself in cosplay fantasy for next Halloween, then go dressed up with your other half! After all, what fun is cosplaying all by yourself? Cosplay with your significant other with complementing dual outfits dressed up like Rabbit Raider and Bunny Brawler skins. The Bunny Brawler female outfit skin features an equally hilarious white hoodie with bunny ears. Your female companion would look simply stunning in the costume. Similar to the pink Rabbit Raider outfit, you’ll need the complete set with the white bunny gloves and matching white bunny sandals.

So you are all ready to go with your Rabbit Raider costume look! Even if you are accompanied by Bunny Brawler, there are plenty of other attractive Fortnite skins to accompany you dressed up. Get the other friends to dress up in popular Fortnite skins like Raptor, Teknique, Cuddle Team Leader, Rust Lord, and Skull Trooper.

About Rabbit Raider

Fortnite Battle Royale is arguably the most popular video game right now. It is that is taking the world by storm. It is still drawing in new gamers to the battle-obsessed fans by the droves. The excitement of this game alone is enough to keep game enthusiasts continuously engaging in gameplay. However, this completely free game has spawned an avalanche of interest in cosplay with the incredible number of playable skins to dress up like.

Cosplaying Fortnite skins will allow your creative imagination to run wild choosing which Fortnite Battle Royale characters you want to cosplay. No other video game has so many vastly different characters to amuse you and your friends in cosplay entertainment. And Epic Games drops new skins all the time so, keep your eye peeled for even more skins to cosplay.

Rabbit Raider

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