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Sam Quint, or better known just as “Quint,” is a character played by Robert Shaw in the Steven Spielberg classic film, Jaws. Quint was an ageing but seasoned shark hunter from Massachusetts. Quint was known to run several different businesses in his local town of Massachusetts, namely a bootleg distillery, a whale oil business, and a weekend charter service. He also captained a boat named “Orca” and quickly became part of a local urban legend following his last trip to sea. This particular trip was to capture a gigantic killer shark that he was hired to catch.

Get the look of the veteran shark hunter with this Sam Quint costume guide. Capturing Sam Quint’s look is a lot easier than you may think. You can get the look by wearing black and green military jeans, a blue shirt, a blue bandana with a camper hat, and black sneakers.

Quint Cosplay Costumes

Quint is a veteran who served on the USS Indianapolis during World War II where he was part of the delivery of the Hiroshima bomb to the island of Tinian. Because of this, a Japanese submarine attacked and subsequently sank the USS Indianapolis. The 1,200 crewmen aboard the ship ended up in the open sea, preyed on by sharks and drifting alone for seven days until they were finally rescued. Quint was one of the quarter of the men that survived after a week of drifting at sea. After this traumatic event, Quint decided to make shark catching his sole purpose, leading him to open a charter fishing business in the Island of Amity in Massachusetts.

Quint has a strong character, one that has been built through tough life experiences. This shows in his utilitarian look—military jeans, a bandana, and a camper hat. He dresses appropriately for both his occupation and purpose. Get your fishing buddies to dress up too. They too can cosplay as other Jaws characters such as Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, Ben Gardner, and Chrissie Watkins.

Quint Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the gritty and rugged world of Quint from the classic thriller “Jaws” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the tough, seasoned shark hunter, as we navigate through the key elements for recreating Quint’s iconic look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures his no-nonsense demeanor and seafaring style.

Quint's outfit in "Jaws" is reflective of his character as a seasoned fisherman and shark hunter. Essential elements include a dark navy blue or black turtleneck sweater, a green army jacket or a rugged, weathered-looking work jacket, and a pair of classic, durable pants, like jeans or work trousers. His look is functional and practical, suited for a life at sea.

To emulate Quint's style, focus on creating a rugged and weathered look. Choose clothing items that appear durable and worn, as if they've seen many days at sea. The turtleneck sweater should be simple and understated, while the jacket can have patches or be slightly distressed to reflect his tough, experienced persona.

Quint's footwear is practical and sturdy, typical of a fisherman. Opt for a pair of solid, worn-in boots. As for accessories, Quint is often seen wearing a baseball cap, which can be a simple, weathered hat, and occasionally sunglasses. Additionally, you can include props like a fake cigar or a fishing tool to enhance the authenticity of your costume.

To accurately portray Quint, focus on his gruff and confident demeanor. He's a man of the sea, with a no-nonsense attitude and a sense of authority. Mimicking his tough and slightly intimidating presence, along with a strong, confident stance, can bring his character to life.

Quint is known for his memorable and often intense lines in "Jaws." Including some of his quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Memorable quotes include: "You're gonna need a bigger boat., " "Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women.,". "I'll catch this bird for you, but it ain't gonna be easy." and His storytelling, particularly the chilling monologue about the USS Indianapolis Using these quotes, along with embodying Quint's hardened and seasoned personality, will make your costume more compelling and true to his character in "Jaws."

About Quint

In between fishing seasons, Quint sold moonshine from his bootleg distillery. He would make his apricot brandy, which quickly became a favorite among the local fishing community. He was able to avoid the many police raids by hiding his kegs of alcohol in his boat, the Orca. Despite his brandy being a favorite in the community, many local fishers still regularly filed complaints against Quint for disrupting their trade. Fortunately for Quint, however, he was able to use legal knowledge he gained from spending months in the local Amity library to fight every one of these complaints.

Quint would spend much of this time at the local library to look through many legal volumes until he was confident that he had enough information to build a case. Aside from legal books, he was also fond of looking through pagan mythology. Part of the local lore about Quint is his almost-maniacal love for shark fishing and his interest in pagan mythology that led the giant killer shark to choose his town in Massachusetts.


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