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Queen Oona Costume Guide
Party Gown Dress
Crystal Tiara
Red Lipstick
Face Paint
Long Black Hair
Gold Elastic Belt

Best Queen Oona Costume Guide

Queen Oona is a fictional character in the hit animated series Disenchantment, which is created by Simpsons and Futurama legend Matt Groening. Queen Oona is married to King Zog of Dreamland, in a marriage of convenience to ensure a peaceful relationship between Dreamland and Oona’s home kingdom of Dankmire, a colony of reptilian people who live in a swamp. Oona herself is characterized as being part reptilian, and part human. She has a son, Prince Derek, who was fathered by King Zog.

Queen Oona is also a step-mother to the show’s main character, Princess Bean, although the pair do not have a strong relationship as Princess Bean refuses to accept her as a replacement for her dead mother. If you want to transform yourself into Dreamland’s Queen Oona, you’ll need to get yourself a Party Gown Dress, Crystal Tiara, Long Black Hair, Face Paint, Gold Elastic Belt, and Red Lipstick.

Queen Oona Cosplay Costumes

Matt Groening’s brilliant new show Disenchantment first hit screens in 2018, following on from creating two of the most popular animated television series of all time in The Simpsons and Futurama. Queen Oona is much more Futurama than she is Simpsons, with her half reptile/half human form, which is going to make her a whole lot of fun to cosplay. Unfortunately though, we cannot guarantee this costume will give you the ability to crawl up walls and lurk creepily in the corner like Queen Oona.

Grab some friends and have them dress as any number of favorite Disenchantment characters such as Elfo, Princess Bean or King Zog. Or maybe you want to pay homage to all of Groening’s work in one big costume party? We’ve got heaps of Groening created characters here on Costume Wall such as Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Comic Book Guy, Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth and many more!

About Queen Oona

Queen Oona is the wife of Dreamland’s ruler King Zog, in the excellent new show from Matt Groening called Disenchantment. Oona is part of Dankmirian royalty and was married to King Zog as part of an agreement between Dreamland and her homeland of Dankmire. Her exact physical make-up is not fully explained, but she has a mixture of human and reptilian features, such as neck frills that burst out when she is angry, a long tongue that she uses to catch insects, and an ability to crawl on floors and ceilings.

She has a son with King Zog, a young Prince named Derek, who is Heir to the Throne in Dreamland despite King Zog having his daughter Princess Bean from a previous marriage. In case you haven’t caught the show yet, we won’t spoil Oona’s whole story, except we can tell you she is not the kind of Queen to blindly follow her King, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve

Queen Oona

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