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Queen Anna Costume Guide

Best Queen Anna Costume Guide

Enter the world of Queen Anna of Arendelle, the heroine of Disney’s 2013 animated films, Frozen, and its 2019 sequel, Frozen II. Caught in discord with her sister Elsa, Anna grew up devoid of human company for years. Despite being socially awkward, she remained optimistic, brave, and kind. But when Elsa accidentally triggered an eternal winter, Anna embarked on a precarious journey to save her kingdom and rekindle her bond with her sister. Years after saving the kingdom, they embarked on another perilous journey to the Enchanted Forest where Elsa remained to join the spirits and Anna became Queen at the end. Get the look of the perfect and unflappable fairytale heroine with this Queen Anna costume guide.

Dress up like the ever-optimistic Queen Anna in your sparkly green diamond tiara, yellow diamond ring, blue diamond earrings, and the signature Queen Anna wig, and elegant dress.

Queen Anna Cosplay Costumes

Despite being clumsy and far from elegant because of her carefree personality, we can all agree that Queen Anna has an incredible set of clothes in her wardrobe. Now that she’s the new Queen of Arendelle, cop this elegant and more feminine version of hers and stand out among the queens at the party.

Queen Anna’s style in Frozen 2 is inspired by the Norweigian folk wear called Bunad. Recreate her style on her coronation day with the dress, and adorn yourself with simple sparkly diamond jewelry and a tiara. Her minimalist yet elegant style during her crowning day fits perfectly for her crown. And oh, don’t forget the hair. When Anna became Queen of Arendelle, she had the same hairstyle as Elsa and their Queen Mother when they became queens. Complete the story by having your best friends dressed up as Elsa and Olaf and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

About Queen Anna

Queen Anna is the second of the two daughters of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of the kingdom Arendelle. She is close with her sister Elsa during their childhood. But because of an accident that endangered Anna’s life because of Elsa’s extraordinary power, they were separated growing up that caused a rift between them. Growing up alone and far from Elsa, Anna yearns to reconnect with her. Unlike her sister Elsa, Anna is more carefree, clumsy, daring, and optimistic but is generally far from elegant. She is free-spirited and yearns for companionship, one trait that is both her strength and flaw.

Queen Anna is a character who is willing to stand and protect her Kingdom, especially those who are important to her. Anna’s voice actress, Kristen Bell, was one of the inspirations for Anna’s character in which the filmmakers wanted a strong-willed heroine for the story that is different from the typical Disney princesses.

Queen Anna

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