How to Dress Like Purple Puma

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Purple Eyemask
Purple Wavy Long Hair
Purple Face Paint
Purple Body Suit
Wrestling Low Cut Singlet
Fake Fur Frosted Fabric
Gray Wristbands
White High Top Shoes

Best Purple Puma Costume Guide

Purple Puma is the pro-wrestling alter ego of the Crystal Gem Amethyst on the Cartoon Network animated show Steven Universe. Though Purple Puma started out wrestling solo, he eventually tag-teamed with Tiger Millionaire, the pro-wrestling persona of Steven Universe. The two became pro-wrestling champions before retiring. When you are a professional wrestler, your outfit is just as important as your skills. Purple Puma is no exception. Get the look of Amethyst’s persona with this Purple Puma costume guide.

Cosplay Purple Puma’s outfit with a Purple Body Suit, Wrestling Low Cut Singlet, Gray Wristbands, Purple Eyemask, a pair of White High Top Shoes, Purple Face Paint, Purple Wavy Long Hair, and Fake Fur Frosted Fabric. If you’re going to be Purple Puma, you need to have the complete costume!

Purple Puma Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to wrestle! Purple Puma, who appears on the animated show Steven Universe, has to wear a stylish costume so he can easily maneuver into any position to defeat his wrestling opponents. Once you have this affordable cosplay put together with all the pieces we’ve found for you, you can have a great time at your next cosplay event dressed as Amethyst’s alter ego. Here’s how to get Purple Puma’s look.

Begin by wearing a purple bodysuit paired up with a black low cut wrestling singlet. Purple Puma has this tuft of hair on his chest, so you will want to add some fake light purple fur on the front of your purple bodysuit you’re wearing. Cover your face in purple face paint to match Purple Puma’s look. Next, put on your gray wristbands and purple eye mask. Finally, slip a pair of white high top sneakers on your feet and put on a long, purple wig on your head! Send a picture of your final Purple Puma cosplay so we can check out your awesome recreation!

Purple Puma Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the fierce and powerful persona of Purple Puma from “Steven Universe” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Purple Puma, Amethyst’s wrestling alter ego, is known for her intimidating presence and striking appearance. This section aims to help you capture her essence, focusing on key aspects of her look and attitude. From her distinct purple and white color scheme to her muscular build and wild hair, we cover everything you need to transform into this formidable character.

Purple Puma's look is characterized by its simplicity and boldness. Essential elements include a white tank top, torn at the edges, and dark purple shorts. To embody her powerful physique, consider using muscle suits or padding. Purple Puma's skin is a deep purple, so body paint or a full-body suit in this shade is crucial. Add a pair of white, fingerless gloves and purple wrestling boots to complete the outfit.

Purple Puma has wild, voluminous white hair. If your hair doesn't match this style, a white wig styled to look untamed and fierce would work well. For facial features, use purple face paint to match the skin tone, and emphasize bold, expressive eyebrows. Don't forget to replicate the gemstone on the chest, which is a critical aspect of the character.

For Purple Puma's skin, use high-quality, water-based body paint in deep purple. Apply it evenly over all exposed skin. It's advisable to use a setting powder or spray to ensure the paint doesn't smudge or wear off easily. Test the paint beforehand to avoid any allergic reactions.

Purple Puma's gemstone, which represents Amethyst, is a key feature. You can create the gem using purple resin or purchase a pre-made prop gemstone. Attach it to your chest using skin-safe adhesive. Ensure it's securely attached, especially if you plan to move around a lot.

To truly embody Purple Puma, incorporate some of their iconic lines and poses from "Steven Universe." Memorable quotes include: "I'm not gonna let you stand there and remind me of everything I hate about myself!," "I never asked for it to be this way. I never asked to be made!," "I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be myself.," and "I'm always feeling like I'm not me enough." Striking a powerful, confident wrestling pose and showcasing Purple Puma's rough and tough attitude will add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume.

About Purple Puma

The hit Cartoon Network show Steven Universe has some of the most imaginative characters on television, and Purple Puma is one we could have never have thought up on our own. Purple Puma is the alter ego of the Crystal Gem Amethyst, but there is much more to her look than just the color purple. Purple Puma is the professional wrestling alter ego of Amethyst. The Crystal Gems like Opal, Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby are totally unaware that Purple Puma is a part of the Crystal Gems, but Steven Universe discovers this out quickly.

Steven Universe attends a wrestling match to watch Amethyst shapeshifting into her pro-wrestling persona. This strikes Steven’s attention and he confronts her about her new hobby. Purple Puma is the alter-ego of Amethyst that can be whoever she wants without others judging her. The two characters join forces as Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire and become a tag team in the wrestling ring. Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire end up being a great team and defeat their opponents to become the champions!

Purple Puma

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