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Best Psycho Costume Guide

The Psycho is the antagonist in the interactive horror survival game, Until Dawn. The masked killer was unknown in the first half of the game. However, his true identity was revealed in the latter part of the game. The Psycho turned out to be Josh, the older brother of Beth and Hannah Washington. His main purpose in the game follows the classic horror film theme—he sets up traps and then taunts and follows a group of friends. Like most first-person RPGs, the Psycho’s interactions towards the other characters in the game depend on the player’s individual choices.

Get the look of The Maniac from Until Dawn with this Psycho costume guide. You’ll mirror the horrifying stalker and killer from Until Dawn. To achieve the dreadful look you should suit Psycho costume set. This consists of the Psycho Mask, Denim Shirt, Men’s Overalls, Garden Boots, and Curly Black Wig. Accessorize the costume with a Tool Belt and Work Gloves. Our Fake Blood will complete the look.

Psycho Cosplay Costumes

The Psycho’s outfit is the classic slasher-stalker-killer look. His skull-like mask comes with thin black eyebrows, with cracks in the eyes and nose region for him to see and breathe. The mouth opening reveals yellowish teeth that look rotten and gums that extend to the nostrils and jaw. The base of the mask seems to be porcelain, glass, or silicone. The Psycho dons denim overalls over a jean shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and a long-sleeved brown shirt. He also wears grey gloves with brown cuffs and carries a brown tool belt with some miscellaneous tools.

Depending on the player’s actions, you may also carry additional extra accessory like a gas cylinder. You can also carry around a saw similar to one of the game’s scenes. Make sure to splatter a healthy amount of fake blood all over your clothes to make your costume as realistically-Psycho as possible.

Psycho Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the twisted world of the Psycho from “Until Dawn” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to help you embody the mysterious and menacing antagonist of the game, known for his complex and deceptive nature. Get ready to bring this intriguing character to life, whether for cosplay, Halloween, or any themed event.

The Psycho's costume is primarily composed of a dark, military-style jacket or parka, a creepy clown mask, combat boots, and gloves. The outfit is designed to evoke a sense of dread and conceal the character's true identity, making the mask a crucial component.

The Psycho's mask is one of the most recognizable aspects of the character. You can either purchase a similar clown mask from a costume store or create a DIY version using papier-mâché, paint, and elastic bands. The mask should have exaggerated features, like a wide, sinister smile and hollow, dark eyes.

Look for a dark-colored, heavy-duty military-style jacket or parka. The jacket should appear rugged and worn, adding to the character's intimidating presence. You can age a new jacket using sandpaper and adding artificial wear and tear.

To enhance the authenticity of your Psycho costume, consider adding utility belts with pouches, a fake knife or prop weapon, and a voice modulator to mimic the distorted voice used by the character. These elements add depth to the costume and make it more recognizable to fans of the game.

Embodying the Psycho's mannerisms and speech patterns can greatly enhance your costume. The Psycho often uses taunting and threatening language, so incorporating lines like, "I'm going to show you some pictures of people that you have come to know and like..." or "Oh, this is going to be fun..." can be effective. Remember, the Psycho enjoys playing mind games and instilling fear, so a mix of calculated movements and sudden, startling gestures will capture his essence.

About Psycho

Josh became the Psycho by faking his death as part of a prank on his friends. He didn’t plan to kill any of them. His motive was supposedly to take revenge on those who humiliated Hannah. It seems that the Psycho did not actively seek revenge against Jess, Mike, Matt, and Emily. He also filmed most of what happened, intending to turn it into an internet sensation. The Psycho demonstrates extreme psychological problems. These include isolation, loneliness, hallucinations, and paranoia. Predictably, he relishes in torturing his victims. He loves stalking them before inflicting his cruel mental and physical torture.

In one of the game’s scenes, the Psycho was holding a gas cylinder, which was said to be a reference to the film, No Country for Old Men. It emulates the way the film’s protagonist, Anton Chigurh, holds his signature weapon the bolt piston.


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