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Best Proto Man Costume Guide

Proto Man is one of the main characters from Nintendo’s long-running video game franchise, Mega Man. Proto Man makes his first appearance in Mega Man 3 as a character called Break Man. At the end of the game, Dr. Light reveals that Break Man is actually Proto Man, and he is Mega Man’s brother. By Mega Man 10, you can play the game as Proto Man.

Proto Man is an early prototype of Mega Man, but unfortunately Dr. Light found a defect in his energy system which means he has a shorter lifespan. He has developed somewhat of a cult following with fans of the game, and there is even a musical act named The Protomen who have based an entire rock-opera on the Mega Man story! If you want to get the look of Mega Man’s prototype, you’ll need to get yourself an Adult Wig, Proto Man Costume, Proto Man Helmet, Proto Man Buster and Light Saber.


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