How to Dress Like Professor Willow

Short Layered Cosplay White Wig
Elite Barrier Jacket
NoCry Safety Glasses
5-Pocket Twill Lab Coat
Compression Tight Pants
MTB Cycling Shorts
Comfort Foam Yoga Mat
Pokeball Toy
Digital LED Quartz Watch
Crocs Unisex Retro Clog
  1. Short Layered Cosplay White Wig Check Price
  2. Elite Barrier Jacket Check Price
  3. NoCry Safety Glasses Check Price
  4. 5-Pocket Twill Lab Coat Check Price
  5. Compression Tight Pants Check Price
  6. MTB Cycling Shorts Check Price
  7. Comfort Foam Yoga Mat Check Price
  8. Pokeball Toy Check Price
  9. Digital LED Quartz Watch Check Price
  10. Crocs Unisex Retro Clog Check Price

Best Professor Willow Costume Guide

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, then there’s no doubt that you know about Professor Willow. This professor who will trade you candy for your Pokemon has become a pop-culture icon because of his good looks. You can dress the part as the professor with a Short Layered Cosplay White Wig, NoCry Safety Glasses, an Elite Barrier Jacket and a 5-Pocket Twill Lab Coat. Throw on your Compression Tight Pants and layer it with an MTB Cycling Shorts. Accessorize with a Comfort Foam Yoga Mat, a Pokeball Toy and a Digital LED Quartz Watch. Don’t forget to stay comfortable in the lab with your Crocs Unisex Retro Clog.

Bonus: Carry around some candies with you and pass them out in exchange for Pidgeys and Rattatas.

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