How to Dress Like Professor Willow

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Short Layered Cosplay White Wig
Elite Barrier Jacket
NoCry Safety Glasses
5-Pocket Twill Lab Coat
Compression Tight Pants
MTB Cycling Shorts
Comfort Foam Yoga Mat
Pokeball Toy
Digital LED Quartz Watch
Crocs Unisex Retro Clog

Best Professor Willow Costume Guide

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, then there’s no doubt that you know about Professor Willow. This professor who will trade you candy for your Pokemon has become a pop-culture icon because of his good looks. You can dress the part as the professor with a Short Layered Cosplay White Wig, NoCry Safety Glasses, an Elite Barrier Jacket and a 5-Pocket Twill Lab Coat. Throw on your Compression Tight Pants and layer it with an MTB Cycling Shorts. Accessorize with a Comfort Foam Yoga Mat, a Pokeball Toy and a Digital LED Quartz Watch. Don’t forget to stay comfortable in the lab with your Crocs Unisex Retro Clog.

Bonus: Carry around some candies with you and pass them out in exchange for Pidgeys and Rattatas.

Professor Willow Cosplay Costumes

Before you hand out any starter Pokemon to new trainers, you’ll first need the look of a professor, specifically Professor Willow. Well, Professor Willow usually just ends up trading candy for Pokemon on the popular app, Pokemon Go, but we like to think that he’s probably given out starter Pokemon sometime in his life. Try to find a friend to cosplay a trainer alongside you but if you can’t find any, you can always just grab a stuffed Pokemon doll and use that for your group cosplay!

To get the look of Professor Willow, you’ll need a short layered white wig, an Elite barrier jacket, safety glasses, twill lab coat, tight compression pants, cycling shorts, a yoga mat, a Pokeball toy, an LED watch and finally a pair of black and green crocs. Don’t forget to send in pictures of your awesome cosplay so we can feature it!

Professor Willow Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on your very own Pokémon adventure with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Professor Willow from Pokémon GO. This guide is designed to help you capture the essence of the beloved Pokémon Professor, known for his research and guidance to Trainers worldwide. Follow these tips to achieve his unique and recognizable look, perfect for conventions, parties, or Pokémon GO events.

Professor Willow's outfit is distinctive and casual, reflecting his role as a Pokémon researcher. Key components include a light blue short-sleeved shirt, navy blue cargo pants, a white lab coat with the Pokémon GO logo, a black utility belt, and comfortable sneakers. Don't forget his signature accessories: a pair of round glasses and a spiky, grayish hairstyle.

To replicate Professor Willow's lab coat, start with a basic white lab coat. The Pokémon GO logo can be added by either sewing a patch onto the coat or using fabric paint to draw the logo. You can find templates of the logo online to assist with accuracy. Make sure the logo is visible on the coat's chest or back area.

Professor Willow wears practical and comfortable shoes suitable for fieldwork. Opt for a pair of dark-colored sneakers or walking shoes. They should be simple in design, emphasizing functionality and comfort, as Professor Willow is always on the move.

Professor Willow has a unique hairstyle with spiky, grayish hair and a short beard. To achieve this look, you might consider using temporary hair color or a wig if your hair doesn't match. Style the hair to be slightly messy and spiky. For the beard, either grow and trim your beard to match his style or use a fake beard that you can shape accordingly.

Professor Willow is known for his encouraging and informative dialogue in Pokémon GO. Some memorable lines include: "There's a lot to learn about Pokémon! Will you help me with my research?," "That was some excellent throwing technique!," "I'm very impressed with your progress, Trainer!," "Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.," and "There are many Pokémon out there, and you need to find and catch them all!." These quotes capture Professor Willow's enthusiastic and supportive nature, making them great additions to your cosplay interactions. They will help you embody the character and connect with fellow Pokémon GO enthusiasts.

About Professor Willow

If you’ve never played Pokemon Go, you may not exactly recognize Professor Willow as he only appears in the mobile phone game. He will be the one to hand over your first Pokeballs in order to capture the Pokemon you see in surrounding areas around you. You can also trade him Pokemon that you’re not interested in or ones you may have duplicate of and receive candy from him. What does this candy do exactly? It’s a candy that you can use to help level up your Pokemon and if you get certain candies that pertain to a specific Pokemon, you can evolve them if you get enough of their type.

Professor Willow doesn’t work alone as it may look at first. He actually has three assistants that are the leaders of three different teams known as Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor. These three teams are the ones you can choose from when you begin the game and start your adventure.

Professor Willow

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