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Eggplant Color Shirt
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Purple Face and Body Paint
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Best Professor Venomous Costume Guide

Ready to become a villain like Professor Venomous and try to take down any of superheroes that come your way? Though Professor Venomous has only appeared once in the OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes series on Cartoon Network, we’re fairly confident there will be more frequent appearances by him. He has also been presented as Lord Boxman’s past, present, and almost certainly future client. He also has a minion that goes by the name of Fink. Get the look of the purple-skinned villain with this Professor Venomous costume guide.

Cosplay Professor Venomous by wearing eggplant colored shorts, black pants, lab coat, grey boots, black wig. Cover yourself with purple face and body paint to finish off the look of the evil Professor Venomous.

Professor Venomous Cosplay Costumes

Though often indifferent when talking with others, Professor Venomous is more vicious than the calm exterior impression he gives when fighting superheroes. If you have trouble finding all the correct pieces for this costume on OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, make sure to look in stores as well as online in order to find everything you need. Draw some inspiration by watching the series, but remember though that Professor Venomous only appears in the episode “We’re Captured” so you’ll only have one episode for reference.

It would also be a great idea to grab a few friends willing to dress as Fink, his minion, or even the group of heroes—KO, Enid, Radicles to have a pretty awesome group cosplay. Whatever you come up with, send over a few photos of your costume featuring Professor Venomous as we’d love to see you featured on Costume Wall.

Professor Venomous Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a venture into the dynamic world of “OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes” with our costume guide FAQ for Professor Venomous, a character known for his dark charisma and complex role in the series. As a prominent antagonist, Professor Venomous combines a sleek, villainous style with a hint of scientific sophistication. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential elements of his outfit and provide insights on how you can embody the spirit of this intriguing and multifaceted character.

Professor Venomous' outfit is stylish yet menacing, reflecting his status as a sophisticated villain. The key components include a long purple coat with a high collar, often left open to reveal a dark shirt underneath. He wears slim-fitting black trousers and dark boots. An integral part of his appearance is his slicked-back hair and a thin, pointed goatee. Professor Venomous also occasionally wears dark gloves and is often seen with his signature round, dark glasses, adding to his mysterious and intellectual persona.

To replicate Professor Venomous' long coat, look for a garment that is deep purple, with a high, stand-up collar, and a straight, sleek cut. The coat should be long, reaching at least mid-thigh. Underneath, wear a dark, slim-fitting shirt. Pair these with black, slim-fit trousers and dark boots to complete the look.

Professor Venomous has distinct slicked-back hair, typically depicted in a dark color. His facial hair is a thin, carefully sculpted goatee that comes to a point. To replicate this style, you may need to style your hair with gel or use a wig, and carefully trim your facial hair to match his goatee's shape.

Key accessories for Professor Venomous' costume include his round, dark glasses, which are a staple of his character design. Additionally, dark gloves can be included to accentuate his villainous appearance. These accessories add to his enigmatic and intellectual image, contributing significantly to his overall character portrayal.

To enhance your portrayal of Professor Venomous, consider adopting his calm, calculating demeanor and his penchant for dramatic flair. Memorable quotes like, "I’m not just a villain, I’m a scientist," capture his pride in his intellect and villainous ambitions. Emphasizing his manipulative nature, his strategic thinking, and his occasional sarcastic wit will add depth to your cosplay. Professor Venomous is a character who balances his scientific mind with a dark, villainous presence, making him a captivating figure in the "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes" universe.

About Professor Venomous

Not much is known about Professor Venomous since he hasn’t appeared too much in the Cartoon Network series, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, but he definitely made an impact during his short appearance. When others try to interact with Venomous, he comes off as calm and indifferent but underneath lies something more sinister. That vicious side tends to come out whenever he fights superheroes. And while you may not always see it, it shows what his true nature is.

The true nature of his power level isn’t fully known yet. While they showed that it may be at -7, KO’s finger was also covering the number so it may be quite high. Professor Venomous also has a minion and bodyguard that goes by the name of Fink. Fink happens to be quite attracted to her master and it’s almost that of an obsession as she doesn’t like anyone to touch his coat.

Professor Venomous

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