How to Dress Like Professor Shelly Oberon

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Bucket Hat
Green Bow Tie
Circle Framed Glasses
Men's Plaid Shirt
Brown Cotton Vest
Utility Belt
Brown Cargo Pants
Safari Jacket
Rain Boots

Best Professor Shelly Oberon Costume Guide

Professor Shelly Oberon is a main character from the 2017 movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! Professor Shelly is portrayed by the one and only Jack Black, so you know this character is going to have us laughing throughout the avatar’s jungle adventure! He is the smart one out of the bunch, which isn’t exactly how it started out before Bethany chose the Professor as her avatar in the Jumanji video game. Get the look of the popular cheerleader turned cartographer with this Professor Shelly Oberon costume guide.

Cosplay Professor Shelly’s jungle style with a Men’s Plaid Shirt, Green Bow Tie, Brown Cotton Vest, Brown Cargo Pants, and Utility Belt. Top it off with a pair of Rain Boots, Safari Jacket, Circle Framed Glasses, and a Bucket Hat. You’re going to want this genius with you when roaming through the jungle!

Professor Shelly Oberon Cosplay Costumes

Professor Shelly’s costume is much different than Bethany’s typical high school outfit! He plans on using his cartographer skills to rescue his fellow avatars from the jungle, but until he gets them out of there, he has to be ready to face the Jumanji! Prep your safari gear by checking your closet for items like a plaid shirt, cargo pants, and a pair of rain boots. You can find all the items you need at an outdoor store! You may want to check out a costume shop for a green bow tie and circle frame glasses too!

We know you want to bring your friends along for group cosplay, so get them to dress as the rest of the crew from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! You can find Moose Finbar, Dr. Smolder Bravestone, and Ruby Roundhouse costume guides on Costume Wall. If your Professor Shelly Oberon costume is the best of the best, send us a picture so we can add it to the featured costume gallery!

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the adventurous and unpredictable world of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” with our costume guide FAQ, focusing on the quirky and knowledgeable character, Professor Shelly Oberon. This guide is crafted to help you accurately recreate the appearance of this unique avatar played by Jack Black, blending elements of a classic explorer with a touch of modern humor.

Professor Shelly Oberon's costume combines elements of a traditional safari outfit with a scholarly twist. Essential items include a khaki or light brown short-sleeved shirt, khaki shorts, and a tan vest loaded with pockets. Accessories like a brown belt, a yellow neckerchief or scarf, and a pair of brown hiking boots or sturdy shoes are also crucial. Don't forget the round-framed glasses and a safari hat to complete the iconic look.

Professor Oberon sports a short, slightly messy hairstyle and a neatly trimmed beard. You can achieve this look by styling your hair to be a bit tousled and maintaining a well-groomed beard. If your hair and beard don't match, consider using temporary hair dye or investing in a wig and a fake beard that resembles his style.

For the backpack, choose a brown leather or canvas rucksack typical of an explorer or adventurer. Additional accessories that can enhance the costume include a faux map, a pair of binoculars, and perhaps some playful academic items like a magnifying glass or a fake book to reference his role as a cartographer and cryptographer in the game.

Absolutely! Creating a DIY yellow neckerchief is simple. Find a piece of yellow fabric, ideally in a lightweight material like cotton, and cut it into a large square or triangle. You can hem the edges for a neat finish or leave them raw for a more rugged look. Tie it loosely around your neck to match Oberon's style.

Incorporating quotes from Professor Shelly Oberon can add humor and authenticity to your portrayal. Some of his memorable lines include: "Don’t cry, don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay.," "I like can’t even with this place.," "This is what I'm good at: reading maps, understanding the terrain. That's why I'm the map guy.," "Oh my God, these things are crazy!" and "Spencer, Martha, Bethany, Fridge... I'm an overweight middle-aged man." These quotes capture Oberon's witty and humorous side, his academic skills, and his adjustment to his avatar's body, making them perfect for engaging with others while in character.

About Professor Shelly Oberon

The story of Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg has been around for years, but now it has updated from the classic board game to a video game! When four high school students, Spencer, Bethany, Fridge, and Martha, must all spend time cleaning during detention, they stumble across the latest version of Jumanji. Bethany is the prettiest girl in school and uses it to her advantage. But as soon as she chooses Professor Shelly as her avatar in the Jumanji video game, she quickly realizes she’s no longer the young and attractive girl she was before.

Bethany turns into Professor Shelly portrayed by Jack Black, but still maintains her same bratty personality. However, she adds all the qualities of the intelligent Professor Shelly. She must use her skills as a cartographer and cryptographer to help the gang survive throughout the game and to return to their normal high school lives!

Professor Shelly Oberon

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