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Professor Rowan Costume Guide
Blue Vest
Grey Tie
White Button-up Shirt
Black Pants
Trench Coat
Gray Mustache
Dress Shoes

Best Professor Rowan Halloween Costume Guide

If you’re a Pokemon trainer starting out in the Sinnoh region, Professor Rowan is the one who will help get you started. Trained by the renown Professor Oak and living in Sandgem Town, you know you’re in safe hands with this experienced Pokemon Professor. He may look stern and serious, but he cares greatly for his trainers and is actually very kind and helpful. Get the look of the Pokemon Professor from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that specializes in Pokémon evolution with this Professor Rowan costume guide.

Cosplay Professor Rowan’s look without too much trouble. You’ll need a White Button Up Shirt, Black Pants, Blue Vest, Grey Tie, Trench Coat, Dress Shoes, Gray Mustache, Pokeball, and Briefcase. You’ll be ready to start helping enthusiastic young Pokemon trainers in no time!

Professor Rowan Cosplay Costumes

There is no denying the popularity of Pokemon, from its early days when it burst onto the scene as a Nintendo Game Boy game and continuing in popularity with the trading card craze. Or the more recent resurgence which saw the mobile phone game Pokemon Go capture the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.

Now more popular than ever, don’t miss your chance to get in on the action with this slightly obscure yet awesomely unique cosplay opportunity. When you next have a Pokemon themed event to attend, do something different and dress up as the conservative-looking character of Professor Rowan. You can even help your friends by checking out the entire list of Pokemon-themed costume guides. Now get out there dressed up as Professor Rowan, and catch them all!

About Professor Rowan

Professor Rowan is first introduced to the Pokemon world in the Generation IV game, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. He is first shown in his laboratory located in Sandgem Town ready to help trainers select their first Pokemon and get their Pokedex ready for action. Earlier in life, he studied with Professor Oak in the Kanto region but later returned home to Sandgem Town in the Sinnoh Region, believing there were greater secrets to be uncovered there. He works with assistants Dawn and Lucy.

Unlike other professors, Professor Rowan has a very serious demeanor, and he is dedicated to his research specializing in Pokemon evolution. But, despite his research, he always has time to help guide young Pokemon trainers through their journey. The professor is known to have a sweet tooth as his laboratory is full of sweets and candy.

Professor Rowan

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