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Yellow Shirt
Brown Suit
Cat Eye Sunglasses
White Wig and Mustache
Bow Tie
Brown Dress Shoes

Best Professor Poopypants Costume Guide

Professor Poopypants is the main antagonist in the popular Dreamworks film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. He is voiced by comic actor Nick Kroll and serves as the nemesis to George, Harold and Captain Underpants after taking a job as a science teacher. While he goes by many equally embarrassing names in the series of Captain Underpants book, he is given the unflattering full name of Professor Pee-Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants Esquire in the film adaption, but prefers the simpler Professor P.

People laughing at his name is the source of his frustration, leading him to hatch a plan to eliminate all laughter from the school. Capture this cool look with a Yellow Shirt, Brown Suit, Cat Eye Sunglasses, White Wig and Mustache, Bow Tie and Brown Dress Shoes.

Professor Poopypants Cosplay Costumes

While Professor Poopypants spends much of the Captain Underpants film being laughed at, we’re sure you will have friends laughing along with you if you can nail this fun costume. For every Captain Underpants out there, we need his arch-rival too – are you game?

Anything with funny white hair and a wig is going to be super fun to cosplay, not to mention his crazy eyeglasses. Bound to be a hit at any event, we know you’re going to love letting your inner villainous science teacher run wild with this outfit.

We would love to see photos if you decide to try out the Professor Poopypants costume, so please send them in!

Professor Poopypants Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a comical and whimsical adventure with our Professor Poopypants costume guide FAQ, inspired by the quirky villain from the “Captain Underpants” series. This guide is designed to help you recreate the look of Professor Poopypants, the eccentric and hilariously named scientist. Ideal for fans of the books and movies, this costume captures the essence of his unique character, perfect for making a humorous and memorable impression at any costume event.

Professor Poopypants' outfit is colorful and eccentric, reflecting his over-the-top personality. Key elements include a white lab coat, which is a staple of any scientist's wardrobe. He also wears a brightly colored shirt and tie, often in clashing patterns or colors. His pants can be equally colorful or patterned. Don't forget to include a wild and wacky wig to represent his crazy hair, and round, oversized glasses to complete his zany scientist look.

To achieve Professor Poopypants' hairstyle, look for a wig that is unruly, wild, and colorful. If you're going for a specific version of the character (like the one from the movie), match the wig to that style. His glasses should be round and large, adding to his comical and exaggerated appearance.

Choose a brightly colored or patterned shirt, which can have any loud and humorous design. Pair it with pants that either complement or wildly clash with the shirt, staying true to the character's lack of fashion sense. The idea is to be as colorful and mismatched as possible.

To complete the Professor Poopypants look, consider adding a prop like a toy ray gun or a mock scientific gadget, as he's often depicted with various inventions. You might also wear a bow tie or a regular tie in a fun pattern or bright color to enhance the comedic aspect of the costume.

Including quotes or mannerisms from Professor Poopypants can make your costume more authentic and entertaining. Some ideas include: Mimicking his overly dramatic and eccentric way of speaking. Using some of his funny lines from the books or movies, like "You haven't seen the last of Professor Poopypants!" and emphasizing his frustration with being laughed at for his name, a central aspect of his character. These elements capture the humor and eccentricity of Professor Poopypants, making your portrayal more engaging and true to the character from "Captain Underpants."

About Professor Poopypants

While Professor Poopypants has a range of weird and wonderful names in the Captain Underpants books, such as Tippy Tinkletrousers, he likes to be known just as Professor P. He is hired as a science teacher by the school’s principal, Mr. Krupp (who is actually Captain Underpants in disguise), but quickly runs into trouble when he tells the students his surname is private. This leads one of the main characters, George, to call him Professor Privates, which infuriates him.

The film’s protagonists, George and Harold have made a comic referring to him as Professor Poopypants, which yet again causes the whole school to laugh at him wherever he goes, which angers him even further.

As the movie continues, he sets about planning to rid the whole school of laughter for good, but George, Harold and Captain Underpants aren’t about to let that happen without a fight!

Professor Poopypants

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