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Best Professor Kukui Costume Guide

Professor Kukui is a Pokemon professor that appears in the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun and Moon games. He is the trainer to go to in the Pokemon world as the founder of Alola’s Pokémon League. He is also married to Professor Burnet. Professor Kukui encourages all of his trainers instead of treating them with disdain. Kukui is super cool and laid back, but he specializes studies Pokemon moves! Get the look of the professor from the Alola with this Professor Kukui costume guide.

Cosplay the look of this cool dude with a pair of Three-Quarter Jogger Pants, Lab Coat, Golf Sunglasses, Breathable Barefoot Skin Shoes, Pokemon Hat, Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap, and 9 Random Pokeballs.

Professor Kukui Cosplay Costumes

With so many great Pokemon characters to cosplay, you really can’t go wrong! This Professor Kukui costume from the video game Pokemon Sun and Moon is quite a popular one. We’ve found all the necessities you need to recreate his laid back look and style. He’s easily recognized as the shirtless professor from the tropics. Here’s how you get the look of the Pokémon Professor from the sunny Alola region.

Go shirtless as Kukui with a lab coat on top. Slide into a pair of three quarter length joggers with a green yoga strap. You can kick on a pair of Barefoot Skin shoes. Kukui always has on a pair of sunglasses, so don’t forget to throw on your pair of golf sunglasses. He can always be seen with his signature Pokemon hat with a rainbow on the front. Lastly, always have some Pokeballs on hand! Group cosplay with other Pokemon professors like Professor Oak, Professor Willow, and even his wife Professor Burnet.

Professor Kukui Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the sunny and adventurous world of the Alola region with our costume guide for Professor Kukui, the beloved character from the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun and Moon games. Known for his laid-back style and deep knowledge of Pokémon, this FAQ will help you embody his unique islander look and enthusiastic spirit.

Professor Kukui's outfit is relaxed and reflective of the tropical setting of Alola. It includes a light blue, short-sleeved shirt with darker blue stripes, often left open to reveal a black or dark undershirt. He wears dark-colored pants, typically jeans or casual trousers, and simple sneakers or sandals. His signature accessory is a pair of green sunglasses, which he sometimes wears on his forehead.

Professor Kukui has messy, medium-length dark hair and a bit of facial stubble. To replicate his hairstyle, you can use a dark wig styled to look slightly unkempt, or style your own hair similarly if it's the right length and color. For the facial stubble, use makeup to create a light, unshaven look.

Essential accessories for a Professor Kukui costume include his green sunglasses, which are iconic to his character. Additionally, wearing a Poké Ball or a Z-Ring (a key item in the Sun and Moon games) can add a more authentic touch. A lab coat, which he sometimes wears, can also be included for a more scholarly look.

Professor Kukui is known for his enthusiastic and passionate demeanor, especially when discussing Pokémon. He often uses expressive hand gestures and maintains an energetic, positive posture. Mimicking his dynamic and cheerful expressions will enhance the authenticity of your portrayal.

To fully embody Professor Kukui, you might include some of his memorable quotes: "Hey there, cousin!," "Let's get moving! It's time to get your first Pokémon, yeah?," "Your love for your Pokémon really shines through!," "Rock your Z-Moves!" and "Welcome to the beautiful islands of Alola!." These quotes reflect Professor Kukui's friendly nature and his role as a guide and mentor in the world of Pokémon.

About Professor Kukui

Professor Kukui is a Pokemon legend as one of the top trainers in the Pokemon world. Kukui is kind-hearted and wants to help those who wish to become the very best Pokemon trainers. He is a professor in the Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon Sun and Moon at the Pokemon school.Professor Kukui isn’t just someone who talks a big game, he can actually back it up with his skills as a trainer and has shown this on so many occasions.

Professor Kukui has battled against many Gym Leaders and fought his way up to facing the Dragon User in the Pokemon League. From there, he created the Alola’s Pokémon League that guides Pokemon trainers to participate in the Elite Four. At the end of the process, the trainers must face Professor Kukui himself to complete their training. He may sound like a tough guy (and he’s one of the toughest), but he encourages trainers to reach their full potential and achieve far more than they ever thought they could achieve.

Professor Kukui

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