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Best Prison Mike Costume Guide

Prison Mike is an alter ego used by Dunder Mifflin manager Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell in The Office.

Michael adopts his Prison Mike persona when he finds out one of his employees, Martin, had been in prison in his past. While Michael’s character is created with the intention of normalizing prison life and trying to make sure Martin is treated no differently because of his past, it backfires like most of Michael’s management strategies.

If you want to get the look of The Office’s least hardened criminal Prison Mike, you’ll need a Blue Suit, Striped Shirt, Classic Tie, Dress Shoes, and Purple Bandana.

Prison Mike Cosplay Costumes

Prison Mike only appears in one episode of The Office, but his ridiculous purple bandana and stereotypical prison speech has ensured he lives on fondly in the memories of the show’s fans.

We bet you’ll have your friends in stitches with this costume – maybe you can try and perfect Michael’s poor attempt at New York English and squinted eye prison look. Steve Carell’s character seems to have a lot of different personas he picks up throughout the series, so why not get some friends to try those costumes! Check out some of our other costume guides from The Office with Dwight Schrute, Date Mike, Pam Beesly, and Darryl Philbin.

We’d love to see your Office costume pics, so don’t forget to upload them here when you’re partying like the gang from Dunder Mifflin!

Prison Mike Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the notorious “Prison Mike” from “The Office” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This section is dedicated to helping you embody Michael Scott’s hilariously over-the-top interpretation of a prison inmate, complete with all the necessary details to make your portrayal as authentic and amusing as the character itself.

Prison Mike's look is simple yet iconic. He wears a purple bandana tied around his head, symbolizing his 'prison' persona. The rest of the outfit includes a light blue dress shirt and a dark tie, which are part of Michael Scott’s usual office attire. The contrast between the business attire and the bandana creates the unique Prison Mike look.

Prison Mike has the same hairstyle as Michael Scott, which is neatly combed with a side parting. The key facial feature is the bandana, so ensure your hair is styled in a way that complements this accessory. Michael Scott is clean-shaven, so this look should be maintained for an authentic Prison Mike appearance.

For Prison Mike, wear simple dress shoes, as the character is essentially Michael Scott in his usual office attire but with the added bandana. The shoes should be formal and match the color of your belt for a cohesive office look.

Prison Mike is characterized by his exaggerated tough-guy demeanor and a fictional backstory about prison life. Adopt a gruff, over-the-top speaking style and use dramatic hand gestures. Portraying his fabricated tales about the 'dementors' and life in prison with earnest exaggeration will capture the essence of the character.

Prison Mike is known for his outlandish statements about prison life. Some notable quotes include: "The worst thing about prison was the... was the dementors!," "I am here to scare you straight!," and "You would be the belle of the ball. Don’t drop the soap! Don’t drop the soap!." These lines, delivered with Michael Scott's clueless conviction, are essential to capturing the humor and absurdity of Prison Mike.

About Prison Mike

Prison Mike is a persona adopted by Steve Carell’s character in The Office, Michael Scott. He appears in one episode, ‘The Convict’, but he sure makes an impression. Dunder Mifflin manager Michael Scott discovers one of his staff members, Martin, has served time in prison, so he takes it upon himself to educate the rest of the team on prison life and ensure that Martin isn’t ostracized as a result of this revelation.

He uses a bad New York accent, squints one eye to indicate he was injured in a prison fight, uses stereotypical and unrealistic prison slang, and generally makes a fool of himself by creating a character which he admits is modeled mainly on things he’s seen on TV.

Showing Michael’s ineptitude at management and life in general, the Prison Mike character falls flat and ends up making Martin feel so bad that he quits.

Prison Mike

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