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Best Rosalina Costume Guide

Rosalina is a character in the hugely popular Super Mario Bros video game series. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy and has since made many appearances in spin-off games such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. Rosalina’s role is to watch over the whole universe, including the Mushroom World, and to protect her precious Lumas, who she considers her family since the passing of her own mother.

Rosalina lives in the Comet Observatory, which she built with the help of the first Luma she took under her wing. From there she is able to look over the galaxy and use her strong powers where necessary. If you want to get the look of Rosalina from Super Mario Bros, just get your hands on a Blonde Wig, Rosalina Costume, Classic Pumps, Star Wand and a Luma Star.

Rosalina Cosplay Costumes

We all know how popular the Mario Bros. franchise is. The sheer amount of games Nintendo has released under the Mario banner has cemented its place as one of the world’s most famous video game series. Always popular among cosplayers, especially at gaming conventions, characters from the series are a big hit due to how widely known they are. There has probably never been a gaming convention without cosplayers representing this franchise.

Of course, this makes Rosalina an excellent choice for you to cosplay because you’ll always be recognizable as a Mario character! Don’t attend your next event alone though – get some friends together and have them cosplay some of our other Super Mario Bros characters such as MarioLuigiToadWario, Princess Peach, Bowsette or Waluigi. If you want to try out the Rosalina costume idea, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Rosalina Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a cosmic adventure with our enchanting costume guide FAQ for Princess Rosalina, the mysterious and graceful protector of the cosmos from the “Super Mario” video game series. This guide is crafted for fans who wish to recreate Rosalina’s celestial elegance, whether for cosplay events, gaming conventions, or themed parties.

Princess Rosalina's outfit is a beautiful blend of mystique and royalty. It primarily consists of a long, flowing turquoise gown with long, wide sleeves. The gown features a star pattern near the hem. She also wears a silver crown adorned with blue gems, and a pair of silver star earrings. Her look is completed with a silver wand with a star at the tip, embodying her cosmic powers.

Rosalina's hair is as distinctive as her attire. It's a platinum blonde color, styled in a sweeping bang that covers her right eye, and the rest of her hair cascades down in gentle waves. For those without similar hair, a long, wavy, platinum blonde wig can be styled to achieve her look. Remember to cover the right eye slightly with the bangs.

Rosalina's makeup is subtle yet enchanting. Opt for a light, luminous foundation to give your skin a soft, ethereal glow. Use a pale blue eyeshadow to mirror her celestial theme, along with a light pink blush and a natural pink lip color. Her eyebrows are neatly defined, and a pair of false eyelashes can add to the charm.

Rosalina's gown is unique with its starry motifs. Ensure that the turquoise gown has a star pattern, especially around the hem. The sleeves should be long and wide, adding to her regal and mystical appearance. The fabric should have a slight shimmer or sheen to it, reflecting her connection to the cosmos.

Rosalina is known for her calm, kind, and somewhat melancholic demeanor. While she doesn't have many catchphrases, portraying her gentle and wise nature is key. Phrases like “May the stars shine down on you” or speaking about protecting the cosmos and her Lumas (star-like creatures she cares for) can help in capturing her essence.

About Rosalina

Rosalina, a powerful sorceress who guards and watches over the universe in the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, has the beautiful look of a princess although she wields great power. We first meet Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy when the villain Bowser attacks the comet Observatory – Rosalina’s home – and steals Power Stars and Grand Stars. Mario and Luigi then need to set about collecting these stars, giving Rosalina enough power to fly the Observatory to the center of the universe where they can finally defeat Bowser.

Aside from this, Rosalina also appears in several of the Mario Kart adventures as a playable character, Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Super Mario 3D. This lady who can control the stars has undoubtedly become a big hit with fans of the show, and she will usually pop up in every Mario game, even if just as a secondary character.


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