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Best Princess Poppy Costume Guide

Poppy is the bright and bubbly protagonist from the 2016 movie, Trolls. The Trolls are filled with happiness and love to sing and dance every chance they get. The Bergens believe they will find happiness if they eat the Trolls. So, they capture Trolls and keep them for a special yearly feast called the Trollstice. 

Princess Poppy is the daughter of King Peppy and is probably the brightest Troll around. She’s optimistic and wants her people to have a good time. Poppy has only known a time where Trolls were safe and free. So, she’s a bit naive to the real dangers of the world. When faced with having to save her closest friends from a Bergen, she does her best to keep looking on the bright side. Get the look of the colorful Princess with this costume guide. Look like Poppy with a Troll Costume, Full Bodysuit, Face Paint, Glitter, and Troll Wig.

Princess Poppy Cosplay Costumes

Princess Poppy loves scrapbooking every tiny detail of her life and has a creative flair for party invitations. No matter what creative project she’s completing, it will involve a whole lot of glitter! She has an eye for fashion and has great advice for hair accessories. Poppy’s look is a perfect representation of her personality. She’s got pink skin and hair with glittery freckles and a blue felt crown. The only time she isn’t smiling is when she’s singing, and she’d probably be able to do that while hugging at least three friends. The most important part of any Troll is their hair. It may look small, but it has magical abilities that can make it grow, shrink, and change color. 

No Troll is left behind, so why should your friends be any different? They can come as fellow trolls like Branch, DJ Suki, Smidge, Bridget, Branch, Biggie, Cooper, Karma, Creek, Todd, or any other Troll! Get an entire group of trolls together to look like you’re from the Trolls movie. Then you can submit your group costume to be entered in the annual Halloween Costume Contest.

Princess Poppy Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the colorful and joyful world of “Trolls” by transforming into Princess Poppy, the optimistic and spirited leader known for her pink hue and infectious enthusiasm. Our costume guide FAQ will help you recreate Poppy’s iconic and cheerful look, perfect for capturing her vibrant personality and her love for singing, dancing, and hugs. Let’s explore how to craft her distinctive attire and embody her sunny disposition.

Princess Poppy's costume is simple yet distinctive, reflecting her character's bubbly and bright nature. Key elements include a blue dress with a green floral pattern, a pink wig or hair dyed pink styled in an upright, tall troll-like manner, and a flower crown headband. Poppy's look is often completed with a pair of blue or green felt slippers.

To achieve Poppy's iconic tall troll hair, use a bright pink wig that's either pre-styled in an upright position or one that you can style yourself using strong-hold hair products and a hidden structure inside the wig to keep it upright. You can also use hair extensions or temporary hair dye if you prefer to style your own hair.

The material for Poppy's dress should be lightweight and comfortable, like cotton or a cotton blend. Choose a bright blue fabric and either find one with a green floral pattern or add the pattern yourself using fabric paint or appliqués. The dress is simple in design, sleeveless, and slightly flared at the bottom.

Essential accessories for a Princess Poppy costume include her flower crown headband, which can be made using artificial flowers attached to a headband. Additionally, you can create or find felt slippers in blue or green to match her outfit. Poppy's look is often bright and cheerful, so any additional accessories should maintain this theme.

To capture Princess Poppy's essence, focus on her unrelenting optimism, her love for music and dance, and her caring nature. She is always ready with a song and a hug, so incorporating these elements can enhance the portrayal. Some phrases that reflect Poppy's character are: "Happiness is inside all of us. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.," "I'm not giving up today!," "There’s always a bright side.," "Come on, branch! Dance with me!" and "The best way to make someone happy is just to be yourself." These phrases and traits showcase Poppy's positive outlook, her resilience, and her belief in being true to oneself, making them perfect for bringing your portrayal of her to life.

About Princess Poppy

The Bergens are big and grumpy beasts who captured Trolls many years ago. They thought eating a Troll would lead to them having happiness for a short amount of time. So, they set up an annual celebration, Trollstice, where they planned to all the eat Trolls. Troll King Peppy was able to get all Trolls out safely and take them to a new place in the forest. 

Poppy is the princess of the Trolls and organizer of amazing parties. She was too young to remember anything about the Bergens and knows little about the scary things in the world. She gets careless about the noise her party is making, which leads a Bergen right to her people. When her friends get captured and taken to be cooked for the Bergen King, Poppy goes after them! With help from the pessimistic Branch, she might be able to save her friends and the Bergens at the same time.

Princess Poppy

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