How to Dress Like Princess Peach (New Donk City)

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Princess Peach Costume Guide
White Short Sleeve Shirt
Pink Skirt
Pink Belt
White Floppy Hat
Pink Luggage Bag
Pink Polka Dot Scarf
Blue Bead Earrings
White Heels

Best Princess Peach Costume Guide

Princess Peach is a much-loved character from the Super Mario video game series. If you’ve played any installments of arguably Nintendo’s most popular game series ever, the chances are you’ve rescued Princess Peach, or at least tried to!

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is often the target of bad guy Bowser’s kidnapping plans, leaving Mario and Luigi to save the day and rescue the princess. With her long blonde hair and primarily pink clothing, Peach is loved by gamers everywhere for her cute looks and sweet, caring nature.

Want to dress up like Princess Peach? You’ll need a White Short Sleeve Shirt, Pink Skirt, Pink Belt, White Floppy Hat, Pink Luggage Bag, Pink Polka Dot Scarf, Blue Bead Earrings and White Heels.

Princess Peach Cosplay Costumes

You’re going to have a great time dressing as Nintendo’s most famous damsel-in-distress, Princess Peach. This costume is particularly aimed at capturing her look from New Donk City, where she can frequently be found in the epic Nintendo game, Super Mario Odyssey.

Having said that, Princess Peach’s appearance is much the same throughout the Super Mario Series, except this time around she has a bit of a tourist look going – like the country girl on her first visit to the big city. As one of the biggest and most widely installments video games of all time, the Super Mario series has no shortage of extremely popular cosplay characters, so grab some friends to be your Mario and Luigi, and set off for your next adventure in style!

About Princess Peach

Princess Peach was known as Princess Toadstool in early versions of Super Mario Bros, however, she became affectionately known as Princess Peach and the name seems to have stuck. Starting out as the damsel-in-distress in the very first Super Mario Bros, Princess Peach was essentially the main character, although not playable. The whole aim of the game was to make your way through the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue the Princess, so you can’t get a much more important non-playable character than that!

From that point on, fans fell in love with the beautiful, pink-loving princess, and in the decades since that very first game, she has featured in all of Mario and Luigi’s adventures. While she is often the subject of Bowser’s kidnapping plots, and therefore the main focus of the games, she also often joins Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in their quests.

Universally recognized through the massive success of Nintendo’s Super Mario video game series, Princess Peach has evolved through the years to be a spunky, confident character rather than the traditional damsel-in-distress portrayed back in 1985.

Princess Peach

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