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Princess Merida Cosplay Wig
H&M Dark Green Maxi Dress
Gold Arrow Pendant with Necklace
Tan Suede Genuine Leather Belt
OMP Suede Side Quiver
Wooden Bow Set with Arrows
Dark Brown Elia Slouch Boot

Best Princess Merida Costume Guide

Princess Merida, the main character of the 2012 Disney Pixar film Brave, is the headstrong and free-spirited daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald, was officially added to the list Disney Princesses as the 11th Princess. As the first Pixar female lead, the tomboyish Merida is a skilled archer who does not fit the stereotypical princess persona. Dress up like the Scottish Disney princess with this Princess Merida costume guide.

Cosplay Merida’s looks with a Princess Merida Cosplay Wig, H&M Dark Green Maxi Dress, Tan Suede Genuine Leather Belt, Gold Arrow Pendant with Necklace, and Dark Brown Elia Slouch Boots. Get ready to shoot like the Scottish princess with an OMP Suede Side Quiver and Wooden Bow Set with Arrows.

Princess Merida Cosplay Costumes

Here’s your chance to become an archery master! Merida’s look from the Disney Pixar movie Brave may seem like a task to put together, but you would be surprised how easily you can find all the pieces. Take a look at a few thrift stores for Merida’s dark green dress. You probably already have a pair of brown boots and a tan belt marking those two items off your list! Merida’s gorgeous red hair is best to find online or in a costume shop—you don’t want to mess that up! For the bow and arrow set, quiver, and arrow necklace, you will want to grab those online to make sure get just the right ones to wrap up the costume properly.

Merida is known as brave and independent girl, so her costume is perfectly acceptable as a solo cosplay. If you want to bring a couple friends along, we have some costumes for them too! King Fergus and Queen Elinor are great characters to go along with you! If Princess Merida isn’t the right costume, check out the best Disney Princess costume collection for even more ideas.

Princess Merida Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of ancient Scottish legends with our Princess Merida costume guide FAQ, inspired by the headstrong and skilled archer from Disney’s “Brave.” Ideal for those seeking to embody Merida’s spirit of independence and bravery, this guide will help you recreate her iconic look, complete with her fiery red hair and Celtic charm.

Princess Merida's outfit is both royal and practical, reflecting her adventurous spirit. The central piece is a dark teal, long-sleeve medieval dress with gold trimmings. The dress should have a floor-length full skirt and a fitted bodice. Merida's signature fiery red, curly hair is a defining feature, and a bow and arrow set are essential accessories for her character. She also wears a dark blue cloak, which can be fastened with a Celtic-style brooch.

Merida's hair is known for its voluminous, curly red locks. If you don't have similar hair, consider a long, curly red wig. Make sure the curls are loose and wild, mimicking Merida's untamed and free-spirited nature.

Merida's shoes are functional for her outdoor adventures, such as dark brown boots or leather shoes. The key accessory is her archery set, including a toy bow and arrow. A Celtic or Scottish-inspired brooch for her cloak will add authenticity to the costume. You might also carry a stuffed animal version of her brothers in bear cub form.

To capture Merida's essence, focus on her confident and headstrong demeanor. She is fiercely independent and skilled in archery, so mimicking a confident posture and archery poses can enhance the costume's authenticity. Adding freckles across the nose and cheeks with makeup can also mimic her Scottish heritage.

Including some of Merida's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging: "I am Merida, firstborn descendant of Clan DunBroch. And I'll be shooting for my own hand!," "Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.," "If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?," "I'm the princess. I'm the example." and "Legends are lessons; they ring with truths." These quotes capture Merida's determination to forge her own path, her belief in shaping her destiny, and her connection to her Scottish heritage.

About Princess Merida

Merida is the not-so-lady-like princess from the 2012 Disney Pixar animated film, Brave. Where most princesses would be proper and prefer anything girly, Merida would much rather race her horse, practice archery skills, and play with her younger triplet brothers. Merida and her mother don’t have the best relationship because her mother wants Merida to do all the things that a tradition princess is expected to do. Merida wishes to change her fate from being a tradition princess.

Princess Merida represents young girls who don’t fit into the typical mold because she is quite headstrong, outgoing, and stubborn about her thoughts. Tomboyish and brave, Merida knows exactly what she wants in life and plans on accomplishing her own dreams rather than being told how to live her life. Merida’s rebellion against society’s expectations takes her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Princess Merida

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