How to Dress Like Princess Leia

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Princess Leia Wig
Break Barrel Air Pistol
Classic Deluxe Princess Leia Costume
Princess Leia Slave Costume
White Go-Go Boots
Women's 103-Alba Boot
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  2. Break Barrel Air Pistol Check Price
  3. Classic Deluxe Princess Leia Costume Check Price
  4. Princess Leia Slave Costume Check Price
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Best Princess Leia Costume Guide

Dress up as Princess Leia, the beloved protagonist from the Star Wars film series. Leia isn’t your typical princess – she’s tough, bold, and rebellious, and she fiercely defends what she believes in. With the help of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, Leia stops Darth Vader and the Empire from taking over the galaxy.

With the right gear, you can be a part of the rebellion too. To pull off Leia’s look, you’ll need a classic deluxe Princess Leia costume, Princess Leia Wig, white go-go boots, and a break barrel air pistol. You can also dress up as Leia in a Princess Leia slave costume paired with some women’s 103 Alba boots.

Princess Leia Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay as Princess Leia at your next convention or party, and you’ll feel just like the Jedi space princess from Star Wars. The hardest part about putting together this cosplay costume will be deciding which iconic Princess Leia outfit to wear. You can dress up in Leia’s white royal gown and wear your hair in two side buns, or you can embody the princess in the classic gold bikini from when she was Jabba the Hutt’s slave. Either way, you’re sure to look stellar.

Cosplaying with friends? Have them dress up as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. You’ll be a rebellious trio that nobody can forget. Bonus points if you can convince an R2 to tag along with you for the day. Looking for inspiration for your Princess Leia costume? Check out these cosplayers that perfectly captured the Princess’ look.

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About Princess Leia

Princess Leia was the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala. At birth, she was adopted by the King and Queen of Alderaan, making her a princess. Her twin brother, Luke Skywalker, was sent away to live on the planet Tatooine. Leia went on to play a major role in the Rebel Alliance, and she used her intellect and influence to carry out missions in defense of the galaxy.

After giving the Death Star plans to R2-D2, Leia was captured by Darth Vader. After Darth Vader destroyed her home planet, Leia was rescued by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The trio embarked on multiple missions to defeat Vader and stop his plans of taking over the galaxy. Leia eventually learned that she was Luke’s twin, and Han Solo and her married and had children. Throughout her life, Princess Leia continued to fight for the alliance and defend the galaxy against evil.

Princess Leia