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Best Princess Jasmine Costume Guide

The Disney movie Aladdin was released in 1992, and that’s when Princess Jasmine made her first appearance on the big screen. The royal daughter swept into the world with her independence and headstrong ways. Princess Jasmine is such a wonderful role model for young girls who feel like they don’t belong. You can cosplay the look of Princess Jasmine with this complete costume guide.

Dress up like Princess Jasmine by wearing a Princess Jasmine Costume, Polished Necklace, Ponytail Wig, Gold Teardrop Earrings, Princess Jasmine Headband, and Princess Jasmine Shoes. Bring along a Rajah Plush Doll and an Aladdin Plush Doll as your companions.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Costumes

Princess Jasmine is actually a popular costume for cosplay because she has such a unique wardrobe. No other Disney princess dresses the way Jasmine does. If you want a look that will stand out, then Princess Jasmine is the way to go! This guide has all the pieces you need and to get her look.

You will need a Princess Jasmine costume or a belly dancer’s outfit for the main portion of the cosplay. Then, add a dark ponytail wig because Jasmine always has her hair pulled back in a long ponytail. If you have long dark hair, then you can always style it the way Jasmine wore it. You’ll also want some turquoise shoes and a matching headband with a turquoise gem to wear in your hair. Don’t forget to wear a thick gold necklace and gold teardrop earrings to get the same jewelry Jasmine had. You can also get a friend to dress as Aladdin, the young Agrabah thief, for a great couples costume. Send in a picture when you costume is completed! If you need some more ideas, take a look at our Jasmine cosplay gallery!

Princess Jasmine Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the enchanting world of Agrabah with our costume guide for Princess Jasmine from the 1992 Disney animated film “Aladdin.” Known for her strong-willed personality and iconic look, Jasmine’s outfit is perfect for a magical cosplay experience, themed parties, or any event where you want to embody the spirit of this beloved Disney princess.

Jasmine's iconic outfit is both elegant and distinctive. It includes a light blue, off-the-shoulder crop top with gold trim and a matching light blue harem-style pants with a high waistline and gold trim. She also wears large gold hoop earrings and a matching gold necklace. Jasmine's outfit is complemented by her distinctive hairstyle – long black hair pulled back into a low ponytail with a blue band, and a jewel-embellished, gold headband.

Jasmine's hair is one of her most recognizable features. She has thick, long, black hair styled in a voluminous ponytail with a slight puff at the top. To replicate her look, style your hair (or a wig) into a low ponytail, securing it with a blue hairband. Use a volumizing product or a hairpiece to create the puff at the crown of your head.

In the animated film, Jasmine is often seen barefoot. However, for a costume, you can wear light blue or gold ballet flats or sandals that complement her outfit. The key is to choose footwear that is subtle and doesn't detract from the iconic look of her outfit.

Accessories are crucial for Jasmine's costume. Large gold hoop earrings and a matching intricate gold necklace are essential. Additionally, her headband with a central blue jewel adds a royal touch. If you're crafty, you can create the headband using a gold ribbon and costume jewelry.

Jasmine is known for her spirited and independent lines in the film. Here are some memorable quotes: "I am not a prize to be won!," "How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a thing to be bargained for.," "I've never been so insulted!," "Father, I choose a suitor because I want to, not because I have to." and "I'm a fast learner." These quotes capture Jasmine's strong-willed and assertive personality, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this beloved Disney princess.

About Princess Jasmine

We met Princess Jasmine in a whole new world that was created by Disney in the movie Aladdin, and we fell in love immediately. Her strong personality that desired more than to just be a princess was something everyone could relate to while growing up. Jasmine confided in her pet tiger that she wanted nothing more than to see the world and not be put into a category because of the palace she grew up in. Jasmine’s whole life changed when she met the street rat, Aladdin.

Princess Jasmine realized that it was possible for her to choose that path she wanted with her life. She didn’t have to be ruled by anyone, especially the evil Grand Vizier Jafar. He sought to marry Jasmine in hopes that he can rule the kingdom. After meeting Aladdin, Jasmine realized that he loved her for who she truly is and not the inheritance he would ultimately gain. Jasmine does everything she can to escape the expectations of royalty to truly be happy.

Princess Jasmine

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