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Red Bandeau Bikini
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Best Red Princess Jasmine Costume Guide

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah in the 1992 Disney Animated movie, Aladdin. Despite a law requiring her to marry a prince by her next birthday, Jasmine is determined to marry her true love. While escaping from the confines of the palace walls, she befriends Aladdin, a kind-hearted Agrabah thief. Though Princess Jasmine and Aladdin come from totally different worlds, both perfectly complement each other. After saving the enslaved Jasmine from Jafar’s control with the help of the magical Genie, Aladdin is engaged to marry Jasmine. Get the look of the Jafar’s slave with this Princess Jasmine in Red costume guide.

Cosplay Jasmine’s alternate red outfit while under Jafar’s control by wearing a Gold Hair Cuff, Red Bandeau Bikini, Red Harem Pants, Gold Ballet Flats, Snake Arm Cuff, Long Black Hair Wig, Large Gold Earrings, and Princess Tiara with Gold Spray Paint.

Red Princess Jasmine Cosplay Costumes

Princess Jasmine shines as the female lead in the 1992 Walt Disney animated film, Aladdin. Her character was created by Disney animator Mark Henn to be a perfect complement to the title character, Aladdin. Her and Aladdin are remarkably similar in their pursuit of independence, yet vastly different in their social upbringing. She is protected behind the palace walls while he is footloose and fancy-free on the streets of Agrabah. Being from different worlds, they are instantly attracted to each other. With the help of the magical Genie, played by Robin Williams, they ultimately fall in love with one another.

Princess Jasmine is the first Disney princess to have speaking and singing voices by two different actors. Her speaking voice is by Linda Larkin and her singing voice is by Lea Salonga. Though the sixth Disney princess, Jasmine is the first non-white princess to be featured in a Disney animated movie.

Red Princess Jasmine Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the enchanting world of “Aladdin” with our costume guide FAQ for Princess Jasmine, particularly focusing on her iconic red outfit. This guide is designed to help you recreate one of Jasmine’s most memorable looks, perfect for cosplay, themed parties, or any event where you want to embody the strength and elegance of this beloved Disney princess.

Princess Jasmine's red outfit, which she wears during a pivotal moment in the movie, is both striking and symbolic. It consists of a red cropped top with gold trim and off-the-shoulder sleeves, matching red pants with a high waist and billowing legs, and a large red headband with a blue jewel at the center. The outfit is adorned with gold accents and jewelry, including large gold earrings and a matching necklace.

To recreate Jasmine's red top, look for a cropped, fitted top with off-the-shoulder sleeves and embellish it with gold trim or sequins along the edges. The pants should be red, high-waisted, and have a flowing, wide-leg design. Add gold trim or sequins to the waistband to match the top.

Essential accessories for this costume include a large red headband, preferably with a faux blue jewel at the center, to mimic Jasmine's royal tiara. Additionally, wear large, ornate gold earrings and a matching gold necklace to complete the look. These accessories should be bold and eye-catching, reflecting Jasmine's royal status.

Princess Jasmine is often depicted barefoot, but for practicality, you can opt for flat, gold-colored sandals. Choose sandals with straps or embellishments that complement the gold accents of the outfit.

Princess Jasmine is known for her strong-willed, compassionate, and adventurous spirit. Embodying her confidence and grace is key to portraying her character. You can also incorporate her love for her pet tiger, Rajah, by carrying a small stuffed tiger as a prop, or her penchant for standing up against injustice, showcasing her as a role model for independence and courage.

About Red Princess Jasmine

The character of Princess Jasmine was carefully deliberated on by her animator and designer, Mark Henn, when he was contemplating how she should be created as the Aladdin movie’s main Princess. She was to be a woman of captivating beauty, voluptuous and mesmerizing with brown eyes and long glistening black hair. The ultimate persona symbolizing the seductive and alluringly charming women in the Arabian harems, she radiated with her breathtaking beauty. Her outfit is kept casually simplistic yet alluringly attractive without being overdone so as to complement her fine figure and reveal glimpses of her bodily contours.

Based on the character of Badroylbadour, the princess in the One Thousand and One Nights of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp tale, Princess Jasmine is the second lead character in the animated film Aladdin (1992) by Walt Disney Pictures. American actress Linda Larkin is her voice cast with Filipina vocalist Lea Salonga being her singing voice. It is also interesting to note that Princess Jasmine is actually Disney’s first non-white Princess!

Red Princess Jasmine

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