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The animated Disney series Elena of Avalor featured on Disney Junior stars a Latina princess. The series follows Princess Elena Castillo Flores, a young girl who stops an evil sorceress from taking over the kingdom. She has now become the crowned princess and has to learn what it means to be a just and kind ruler at a young age. Princess Isabel is the younger sister of Elena and the second princess of Avalor. She’s smart and a creative girl who loves to draw and tinker with things. Isabel has strong morals and takes promises seriously. She often has her nose in a new book or undertaking a new project with some hands-on activity.

Get the look of Elena of Avalor’s younger sister with this Princess Isabel costume guide. You can become just like Princess Isabel with her royal outfit comprised of a Cocktail Dress, White Tights, Poetry Book, Hair Bow, Ankle Strap Pumps, and Long Wavy Wig.

Princess Isabel Cosplay Costumes

Princess Isabel loves reading to gain knowledge. She loves hearing about other people’s points of view and even believes that understanding a person’s beliefs is essential. Her empathy is what makes her a truly loved princess. As a Princess, Isabel’s outfits are always of the highest quality of materials. She is often found wearing a full-length blue dress that has intricate white detailing.

If she’s required to attend a more formal occasion, she may opt to wear a pink and yellow ballroom gown instead. Regardless of the clothing she wears, Isabel doesn’t let it stop her from getting a little messy at times. To make Princess Isabel’s look fit for any princess, you should invite your sister Princess Elena to cosplay with you. Whether the two of you want to have a fun outing together, or you want to throw a lavish ball, you’ll be ready for any occasion.

Princess Isabel Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and magical world of “Elena of Avalor” by dressing up as Princess Isabel, the inventive and kind-hearted younger sister of Elena. Our costume guide FAQ will assist you in recreating Isabel’s colorful and regal look, capturing her youthful spirit and her passion for invention. We’ll explore your questions about crafting her iconic princess attire and capturing her cheerful and intelligent character.

Princess Isabel's outfit is a beautiful blend of royal elegance and youthful charm. Essential elements of her costume include a light blue dress with a white collar and puffed sleeves, a pink, waist-length vest with floral embroidery, and a blue bow at the waist. Her dress also features ruffles and lace details. Complete the look with white tights or leggings and blue flat shoes. Isabel's long brown hair is often styled with a blue headband or bow.

Isabel has long, wavy brown hair, typically styled half-up, half-down with a blue headband or bow. Use a long brown wig if necessary, and style it to have soft waves. The hair should be parted in the middle with the top section pulled back and secured with a blue accessory.

The material for Isabel's dress should be lightweight and flowy, like cotton or a cotton blend, to give it a youthful and comfortable feel. The pink vest can be made from a slightly heavier fabric like velvet or velour to give it texture, and the floral embroidery can be added using fabric paint or stitched appliques.

Essential accessories for Isabel's costume include her blue headband or bow and possibly a small prop that represents her love for inventing, such as a book or a small gadget-like toy. Her shoes should be simple, blue flats, in keeping with her youthful and active character.

To capture Princess Isabel's essence, focus on her curiosity, intelligence, and kind-hearted nature. She is often seen inventing or exploring new ideas, so carrying a small notebook or being engaged in a creative activity can enhance the portrayal. Some phrases that reflect Isabel's character are: "There's always a way!," "I love inventing things.," "I can't wait to see what I'll come up with next!," "Let's figure this out together." and "I want to help too!" These phrases and characteristics showcase Isabel's enthusiasm for learning and helping others, making them perfect for bringing your portrayal of her to life.

About Princess Isabel

Elena of Avalor is an animated show that stars Princess Elena and her younger sister Princess Isabel. Isabel, voiced by Jenna Ortega, strives to be a creative and knowledgeable princess. When her sister becomes the new ruler over the magical kingdom of Avalor, Isabel finds that she never seems to spend time with her anymore. She understands that her sister has a lot to deal with, but she becomes annoyed when her sister hangs out with King Toshi instead of helping her with an invention.

Overall, Isabel is a kind-hearted princess. Sometimes her temper can get the better of her, but she’s always there as a friend when you need someone to talk to. She loves reading and believes knowledge is very important. When she’s not drawing, she can be found tinkering with her latest invention. She holds truth and promises to the highest regard and finds it hard to trust someone if they break a promise.

Princess Isabel

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