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Best Princess Fiona Costume Guide

Princess Fiona is the main female character in the DreamWorks animated film franchise, Shrek. She is a beautiful princess that transforms into an ogre at night. She was locked away in a tower, and an arrangement was made to have Prince Charming rescue and marry her. And to break the curse, she must kiss a prince. Shrek, the Ogre, rescued Fiona from the tower upon the orders of Lord Farquaad. It was Donkey who discovered Fiona’s ogre transformation. Instead, Fiona fell in love with Shrek, who is also an ogre. When Shrek disrupted her wedding to Lord Farquaad, he kisses Fiona and lifts the curse—she became an ogre permanently. Eventually, Fiona married Shrek and gave him triplets.

This Princess Fiona costume guide will transform you into Shrek’s adorable love! To get the look of the green princess, you can wear a Fiona Dress, the Fiona Wig and Tiara, Fiona Ears, and Green Shoes. Use Green Body Paint to effortlessly turn your skin into the perfect shade of ogre green!

Princess Fiona Cosplay Costumes

In both human and ogre form, Princess Fiona has long red hair, which becomes coarser in texture when she transforms into an ogre. She has a moss green gown with matching green shoes. In the second Shrek installment, Fiona goes through several costume changes, as opposed to the first film in which she wears the same green gown the entire movie. Fiona has a noticeably slender figure in her human form and becomes quite larger when becoming an ogre. When her character was first illustrated, the animators took care not to resemble the looks of actress Cameron Diaz, who voiced the character. Animators did, however, incorporate elements of her body movement. They studied Diaz’ mannerisms to exaggerate Fiona’s reactions and expressions.

This Princess Fiona costume will transform you into her ogre persona, green skin, and all. No need to worry at all since the green body paint to achieve the look certainly washable! You should team up with Shrek to go as a couples cosplay to ensure you nail the character’s look!

Princess Fiona Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a fairy tale adventure with our Princess Fiona costume guide FAQ from the beloved animated film “Shrek.” Fiona, known for her transformation from a human princess to an ogre, has a distinctive look that’s both regal and down-to-earth. Whether you’re dressing up for a themed party, a cosplay event, or just for fun, our guide will help you recreate both versions of Fiona’s memorable look, answering your questions about embodying this strong and charismatic character.

As a human, Princess Fiona wears a long, flowing green medieval-style dress with gold trim and a matching green tiara. The dress has puffed sleeves and a square neckline. Her attire is elegant and befitting her royal status.

In her ogre form, Fiona wears a simple, dark green dress with a brown vest or corset over it. Her skin is green, and she has ogre ears, which you can create using face paint for the skin and prosthetic ears or a headband with attached ears for the ogre ears. Her red hair is braided and adorned with flowers.

For Fiona's human form, choose medieval-style shoes or simple flats in a color that complements her green dress. As an ogre, Fiona is often barefoot, but for practicality, you can wear flat, simple shoes or sandals.

Accessories for Fiona's human form include her green tiara and a long, braided red wig if you don't have similar hair. As an ogre, Fiona's look is more natural, so consider adding a few flowers to your hair braid to match her style in the film.

Including quotes from Princess Fiona can add an extra layer of fun to your costume. Some memorable ones include: "I'm a princess. And this is not how a princess is meant to look.," "It's not just about living happily ever after. It's about living.," "Well, when one lives alone, one has to learn these things in case there's a... there's an arrow in your butt!" and "But you ARE beautiful." These quotes capture Fiona's spirited personality, her journey of self-acceptance, and her witty charm.

About Princess Fiona

The character of Princess Fiona is considered to be a parody of a traditional princess. Fiona’s character is loosely based on the unsightly princess in William Steig’s children’s book Shrek! Critics were happy with Fiona’s unusual characterizations and impressive martial arts skills. Cameron Diaz went on to become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood due to the role she in the Shrek franchise.

Fiona is introduced in the 2001 Dreamworks film as a beautiful princess placed under a curse that transforms her into an ogress nightly. She is initially determined to break the enchantment by kissing a prince. After being rescued by Shrek, she eventually falls in love with the brave ogre who rescued her. Diaz earned praise for her voice work portraying Princess Fiona. Bryan Alexander of NBC New York described Fiona as “the world’s hottest ogre.”

Princess Fiona

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