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Princess Elena Costume Guide

Best Princess Elena Costume Guide

Princess Elena is the main protagonist of the Disney animated TV series Elena of Avalor. She is the oldest princess of Avalor and its current ruler. Before she can become Queen, she must first rule as the Crown Princess. Princess Elena is the daughter of the late King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor. She lives within the kingdom’s castle with her family—her maternal grandparents Luisa and Francisco, her sister Isabel, and her scheming cousin Esteban. She is also accompanied often by the flying Jaquins and Zuzo who she can only see on her own free will, through her magical abilities.

Get the look of the magical Disney princess with this Princess Elena costume guide. Dress up to rule Avalor with a red princess dress, an Elena accessory set, brown heels, a brown wand, and a long brown hair wig. Magic is not required to cosplay Princess Elena!

Princess Elena Cosplay Costumes

Elena is a beautiful olive-skinned seventeen-year-old girl with brown eyes, red lips and dark brown hair tied up into a ponytail. Her signature outfit is a long red dress with a golden belt held in place with a golden buckle. She pairs this ensemble with brown high heeled shoes with flowery patterns. Her royal jewelry includes a pair of golden engraved hoop earrings, a braided beaded bracelet on her left wrist, and a flower hair comb clip placed on the right side of her hair. It won’t take much effort to look like a true Disney princess by mirroring Princess Elena’s look.

Elena is a true leader in mind and spirit. She is very much devoted to her constituents and is always looking to her late father’s legacy to inspire her to rule Avalor. Have a princess-inspired party by inviting your closest friends to dress like other Elena of Avalor characters. Character options can include Shuriki, Chancellor Esteban, Princess Isabel, or even Zuzo.

About Princess Elena

When she was a young teenager, Princess Elena’s father gave her the Scepter of Light, and her mother gave her the Amulet of Avalor. Both gifts are ancient Maruvian treasures that possess powerful magic. The specter is known to be able to conjure spells when ordered verbally while the amulet has an assortment of abilities that generally work to protect the bearer.

Because she has been with the Amulet of Avalor for a while, Princess Elena has developed a few magical abilities of her own. First, she has the power to see and summon spirits at any time she wishes. Wizards are the only ones known with this unique ability. This particular power carries over to non-magical entities such as the deceased spirits although this power is only possible during Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead.

Princess Elena

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